Thursday, December 30, 2010

What to blog, what to blog

Besides having the cutest baby ever my blogging ideas have slowly disappeared. It seems all i think about is Finn and how stinkin cute he is. Seriously I want to just squeeze him all day long. Plus he is becoming an amazing sleeper, which makes me love him a tad bit more. He really is amazing but i wanted to blog about something different. SO i thought and thought and then i realized I have way to many guilty pleasures. I am a total nerd and get hooked on these ridiculous shows but I just can't help it when Finn is sleeping and everything else is done to turn on the TV to find myself engulfed in just stupidity. Number 1 secret is Jerseylicious. Just by the name you may want to stop being my friend but seriously I don't know what it is about stupid Jersey people but they make me want to meet them and ask if they are being serious. It's not a slutty show or anything just about some hair salon but oh the drama filled with over the top hair, makeup, clothes, catfights and accents is so entertaining, I just can't seem to turn away. When scanning the channels I try not to scan all the way to style because I know it well be on and then 3 hours of my day has disappeared. Number 2 secret is 16 & Pregnant/ Teen Mom. I think I just like watching this show because it makes me feel better about myself. I'm glad I am not nearly as stupid as the girls on that show. But honestly I can't blame it all on the girls and the guys they pick because their parents are just as stupid, it must be genetics. Maybe my problem is with getting sucked into these shows I just like to see how miserable these people are. Maybe my worst day isn't nearly as bad as the girls on these shows. Maybe my guilty pleasures are there to make me feel better about myself and life. Maybe I'm going to Hell because I find a little bit of happiness in others misery. Maybe these shows are put on TV to teach me what not to do when raising my children so they don't end up on reality shows. I already know number one thing to do while raising my kids is to not move to the South because I'm pretty sure every episode on 16 & pregnant is in the South. Maybe I don't need a reason to like these shows and I like them because they are so entertaining and that's that. Yup I'm a nerd and should be reading books on how to raise Mr. Finn, but in the end I'm happy and a happy Tori filled with guilty pleasures makes for a happy mom and wife.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Latest and the greatest

Both Joe and my computer decided to stop working around the same time. A month later Joe's choose to let us use the external hard drive again, so now I can upload pictures. The past month we have been busy with Finn and it seems the busy-ness(?) won't stop, but we love every second of it.

The first Sunday in November was cousin Chloe's blessing and our first day back to church as a family. Finn and I then decided to take a break from church again until his blessing, we like hanging out just us 2 and not sharing with other people.

Thanksgiving rolled around and Finn was not a fan. I don't know if he was just confused as to why Dad was home during the week, but he was not a happy camper that day. A fussy day led to our first full nights rest. Thank you turkey for making Finn sleep his first 9 hours.

Of course we had to get a picture of Finn & Chloe on their first Thanksgiving. Plus they both had on some amazing shoes.

The following Sunday was Lucy's blessing. Here are the kids finally hanging out together. Finn just relaxed while Eloise and Lucy fought over him.

For my birthday Joe took me out with no Finn. Though we were sad we didn't have our little guy to stare at we still had fun. We went to a movie and dinner followed by a little shopping. It was nice to go to a movie because we haven't been to one in so long and that's my favorite.

On my actual birthday we went to take Finn to see Santa. We practiced his smiles at home, but once we saw Santa it was all frowns and tears.

Thanks to Emilie and her magic skills of photography. Maybe next year Finn well like Santa a lttle more.

December 4th Ethan got baptized. I couldn't think of a better day to get baptized.

December 5th we blessed Finn. We had all our family and friends there and loved sharing that special day with them.

Look how stinkin cute that boy is!

Other than keeping up with Finn and the holidays Joe and I just debate who is the best. Really for about the past 2 weeks Joe and I have been racing into to bed to see who is first the best. I of course am always first the best Joe just has a hard time accepting it and cheats often. Our life right now is nice, simple and happy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch Up

So as most mother's know, you don't have a lot of you time with a new born. Between the shooting poops, spit up, eating, sleeping, eating again and crying my days seem to fly by without me feeling like i did nothing at all. I thought i would have a couple of minutes to put some pictures up and blog while Finn slept but apparently he knew what i was doing decided to wake up. So now i sit here breast feeding and typing with one hand, my left, so we'll see what i come up with to write. Finn is already a month old and i can't believe it. Joe and I are completely obsessed with him and couldn't be more in love. We just hope he likes us when he gets older. Finn and I are still trying to figure each other out. Really do parents ever figure their children out? Though the first couple of weeks i for sure thought i was going to go crazy and I'm sure Joe thought i was crazy considering i was crying every time he came home, i am now amazed how much i can function on no sleep. Finn really has to be the cutest baby ever and good thing too because without him being so cute i wouldn't be able to get through the crying. Here are some new born pics and Halloween pics my friend Emilie took of him. They really are amazing and capture him perfectly.

Joe and I love Finn's feet. They are the perfect blend of Joe's tank toe and my webbed toe. really who gets a kid with both parents feet perfectly?

These Halloween ones are my favorite. He always looks so confused with his big eyes.This year I was a ghost buster, Joe was the marshmallow man and Finn a ghost.

I am in love with this grouchy face.
and that my friends was typed with my left hand. I'm super impressed with my self if you can't tell, oh the things motherhood has brought out in me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

to my baby Finn

Dear Findley-
Today you are one week old and that makes me sad a little bit. I want you to stay a baby forever and love me and your daddy forever. I love that every time we want to take a picture of you you look to the side. I love how you squeeze me finger and won't let go. I secretly love how you cry when other people hold you but as soon as you come to mom you settle right down. I love when you just stare at daddy when he talks. I don't love how you have made me an emotional wreck. I'm pretty sure I cry almost every day and at nothing. Daddy may start to think I'm crazy but I'm sure that well go away. You have made me a paranoid freak. I don't think I'll ever get a full nights rest because even when you sleep I wake up a little bit before you every time because I'm worried about something. You have me on a clock, but you're totally worth it.Mommy and Daddy are obsessed with your little feet. They are the most perfect feet ever. They are both Mommy and Daddy's feet. You have the tank toes from Daddy and of course a nice webbed toe from Mommy. Your calves are pretty amazing and strong. I think it's hilarious when I change your diaper and not more than 10 seconds later you have gone again. I'm glad you finally peed when I was changing you. I'm even more glad that it shot up over your face and hit the wall, nothing worse than pee in your face (I'd imagine). I love that you sneeze 3 times every time you sneeze like Daddy. Daddy and I are completely content with just looking at you all day and the faces you make. Your stretches and yawns are our most favorite thing to watch you do. I would really like it if you stayed little but I know you can't. We love you more than we could ever imagine and love that your in our lives forever. We love you little Finn.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dream Vacation

As the baby due date was getting closer ( October 13th) I knew that Joe and I needed one last get away. Nothing to extravagant but just a nice hotel and some dinner. So on Friday October 1st I started thinking about this vacation and how I was going to surprise Joe. I was watching my nieces and as we were walking to the park I was getting so excited! In fact I was so excited I may have peed my pants a little around 2:14. We decided not to walk back home so I had Scotty pick us up from the park. Once I got home I called Joe and told him to come home, so he did and we left for our dream vacation. He arrived at this huge "hotel" around 5pm and checked in. The rooms were oh so nice. They had a nice little bed, exercise equipment in our room, huge flat screen, a couch that folds into a bed oh it was a dream. As the night went on we got tired so we tried falling asleep. Joe I think was more successful then me but I just wasn't feeling the best. Around 1:53 am the hotel had a personal masseuse come into our room and release some pressure for me. At 1:59am the pressure was gone and Joe and I received the most perfect souvenir ever for our last night as Joe & Tori.

I told you I peed my pants a little thinking about our vacation. Unfortunately it just kept coming out.

Our most comfortable room. It was weird they wouldn't have a bed that fit both of us.

The fancy exercise equipment that I had to get on right away.

The greatest souvenir I have ever gotten from Vacation.
Findley Jon Coocimiglio
7lbs. 3oz. 20in.

On our way home with perfection

Our first family photo with the 2 loves of my life

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have a problem

I have a problem and it is so small, yet owns my thoughts. I haven't bought this problem for like 5 years and a month ago I broke down because they were on sell. A month later they are still on sell so I bought them again. Curse you chewy chocolate chip cookies. I remember when I was younger I would eat a whole sleeve of these cookies. Well Chips Ahoy has gotten creative and instead of 2 sleeves has broken it up into 4 smaller sleeves. So eating 1 out of the 4 sleeves on the way home from the grocery store isn't really that bad. The cookies are so small and light, it's almost like you need 10 to get the taste of 1 cookie. Maybe 1 out of 4 sleeves isn't bad but when you end up eating the full 4 sleeves all to yourself it becomes a problem. These last 3 weeks of pregnancy I feel like I am going to gain as much weight as I have the first 37 weeks. I didn't really have a sweet tooth during pregnancy and now I think it's coming back. My goal is once this baby is out I'm going off sugar, not just candy this time but all sugar. Well see how that goes because sometimes I just need it. If I want to fit back into my jeans though and not wear maternity clothes forever I better get my butt in gear. I was going to wait until after the baby but I feel like I can't control my sugar cravings and maybe I should just start now to soften the blow. For some reason whenever I go off candy it's always right before Halloween which is totally dumb but maybe this time I can stay off instead of restarting each year. So as I sit here with my milk and last sleeve of cookies, I well take my last bit and not buy them again no matter what kind of deal is going on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pregnancy & Me

  • It's boiling down to the last 3 weeks before this little boy comes out and I am ready to be comfortable again. Pregnancy started out quit simple and still is pretty simple just a little more uncomfortable. Joe and I went to Lion King last night and it was amazing. I didn't think being pregnant would be too big of a deal but sitting for more than 2 1/2 hours while being 9 months pregnant wasn't the easiest thing. I did bring a pillow which helped and I'm pretty sure our little guy loved the music because he literally did not stop moving the whole time. Mostly breaking my ribs but I guess motherhood has already started and the happiness begins.
  • - for the first 7 months pregnancy didn't really phase me
  • - starting in month 8 pregnancy has gotten the best of me
  • -i miss being able to sit forward without grunting
  • - while driving in shot gun I have resorted to changing the radio with my toes or have found a pointer just so I don't have to lean forward

- my clothes break down have always been into effect but are now getting worse. I only have 1 pair of jeans to wear but it's too stinkin hot to wear them. Last night I had an outfit on but had to change the last second due to my ankles being too fat to wear leggings. So yes I resorted back to my jeans and decided to sweat it out.

- my throat burns everyday especially when I'm trying to get my 2 hours of sleep before i have to get up to pee.

- So yes pregnancy has it's sucky moments but is so exciting. In the end all the suckiness goes away and then I can be comfortable and so happy with our little family.

- Every time I see a new baby it doesn't make sense that has been growing inside a person. They come out with their own faces. I'm excited for the next 3 weeks and can't wait for baby no name to come out. Babies/ kids are super expensive and Joe has been in desperate need for a vacation but he is being a good sport about it. I guess he kinda understands why we can't go on a cruise right now. He is still hoping though to go on a big vacay in January or something ridiculous like that(without the kid). Maybe once the little guy comes he'll understand, until then I'll just smile and say ok.

- I don't have really any stretch marks besides this one that is going to be the end of me. Every time I see that little guy I think of a rap song and I quote, " Them stretch marks on your hips is just bungee cords bringin you back when you dip". So that's all I have to say about that

- Yes random post but at leat I posted. 3 weeks and counting...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Screen?

Who needs a big screen TV when you have binoculars? Yup, that's my Dad and he watches his TV with binoculars. According to him it's just like watching a big screen but he only had to pay 20 dollars instead of 1,000. Oh how I love my dad.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

and another one bits the dust

3 years later and we're still married. Nothing but marital bliss, perfect nights, no disagreements and perfect days everyday... right? No that's not real life even in my dreams I'm slapping Joe because he got me the wrong salad dressing, but I do love every moment we're together, perfect or not. I'm a little sad we well never have an anniversary again being just the 2 of us but am still excited we are moving on to the next step in our lives and starting our family. I'm glad we took 3 years to get to know our married selves and have grown together in so many ways. I love my husband more now than our wedding day and am excited for another 3 years times eternity to love him more.

* We stayed at the Castle Creek Inn a little B&B. We had a fun filled Romeo & Juliet themed room with a balcony. The Inn has beautiful grounds which we took a nice nightly stroll on.

* We of course had to relax on the swing while enjoying the stream sounds. I get quit tired these days walking around and laying down isn't the best idea considering I can never just get up with ease.

* It was my year to plan our anniversary so I decided to try a new restaurant. We ate at a Middle Eastern cuisine called Mazza and I can't complain it was good and we didn't have to break the bank to try new food.

* This may have been the best part of the night. I know the pic is blurry but my hands aren't steady enough to take pics with no flash. After dinner we decided to ding dong ditch Josh & Court. We wanted to see how many times we could before they caught us. So this is Joe sneaking up on their door. He didn't do a very good job considering they have those stupid big kitchen windows right in front. Court may have caught us on the 1st ding dong but we did it 3 more times because we think we are very funny.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sometimes you have really good days. Sometimes you have really bad days. Sometimes your life may seem perfect and sometimes that may all go away. Sometimes people need to just cry. Sometimes people need to just laugh. Sometimes you don't fit into that pair of jeans. And sometimes you may look amazing in them. Sometimes a punch to the wall is the only thing that well make you feel good or a loud scream. Sometimes sitting in silence is the best answer. Sometimes people don't really know what they want. Sometimes people only see what they want. Sometimes you shouldn't blog about random thoughts. Sometimes you're super creative. Sometimes you're just grey. Sometimes your scale reads heavier than you want. Sometimes a McDouble sounds delicious. Sometimes you want to throw up by the words McDouble. Sometimes writing is the only person you have to talk to. Sometimes those heels make your legs fat. Sometimes you're invincible. Sometimes you don't know when to stop. Sometimes it's ok to splurge. Sometimes when you do splurge it's better not to go into full detail. Sometimes on sale prices aren't that great, but you need it because it's on sale. Sometimes you live in a castle. Sometimes you smile. Sometimes it's hard to smile. Sometimes is just sometimes though. It's ok to mess up sometimes, it's every time that can break hearts or make days.

* Yes I know I'm super creative and random and but I haven't really had any updates so this is what you get.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good ol California fun

Today is the day to catch up on my blogging. So here is another post short and simple. Last weekend I went home to California for my friend Jacque's baby shower. I love going home when there is some event because all my friends always come. Disclaimer: I love love my Utah friends and seeing them every day but when you don't see your elementary/ jr. high friends for over a year I just get so excited to see them. I seriously have the best group of friends and we have been friends for literally over a decade ( and that sounds really old). We are the group of friends that can not talk for months and be completely normal once we start talking, have never fought and well always do things for each other. Jacque and Serina are both pregnant and having boys so I'm kinda jealous their boys get to grow up together. All my Utah friends/ Family are having girls and so my son is going to be quite the ladies man( I mean seriously if you know his father how can he not be popular with the ladies) hopefully there well be some boys not too far behind.

Casey, Kathleen, Jack, Becky, Serins & Me all best friends since 7th grade

Me, Jack & Tiff

The 3 pregnant chicks and 3 baby boys.

New Home

About 2 months ago we moved into our beautiful new home. After many stressful days and nights we finally closed and we love it. We live right by Chris( Joe's twin) and Bre and have great neighbors. Joe loves the home because we are on the golf course and I love it because it is basically brand new and I don't have to redo anything. It is going to take a while to get it fully decorated but we'll get there one day.

Our new home right in the middle of both our families!

Our kitchen

Our living area

The rest of the house is filled with bedrooms and bathrooms that are empty at this point. Honestly I rearly go upstairs so who knows we could have some creatures living up there. Having a new home is a lot like having a baby I have realized.
Baby and New Home:
1. Both cause a little stress before we even have them
2. Both are expensive, we don't have the baby yet but we know he'll be a pretty penny. As for a new home it's not as quite as cheap as our condo and I've seen bills that only grown ups should get and Joe and I are clearly not grown ups yet.
3. Both cut into Vacation Joe.
4. Both need new things. How can someone who I can't even see yet need new clothes, diapers, food, bedding and so much more than I would ever need. Our home is pretty selfish too always wanting to be decorated.
5. In the beginning both caused me some sleepiness nights and weird dreams.
After all the stress and worry and expenses both have caused us happiness and joy. We love our new home even though it made us grow up a little more. And Joe and I are both becoming more obsessed with our baby boy. He makes us happier each day and can't wait to meet him. So yes Father Joe and Reasonable Joe are coming out in full force but don't worry Golf and Vacation Joe aren't far behind.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

St. Lucia

Last week Joe and I went to St. Lucia and it was gorgeous. We stayed with Neil and Catie on Neil's parent's sail boat. Yes, literally a sail boat and we sailed for 6 days around St. Lucia. I have been to the Caribbean a lot but I have didn't remember it being so hot and humid. We stayed at gorgeous beaches and resorts, ate some interesting local food, and met the friendliest people. It was a nice much needed vacation but after sweating for 6 days I think I may need a vacation from our vacation, and since Joe loves vacations I feel a little Vacation Joe coming out before Father Joe gets here.

* Catie & I on the dingy between the pitons

* Our last port at Rodney Bay Joe found a pastry shop. We really ordered about 6 times in a span of 2 hours and every time the lady saw us she just laughed but I'm sure was grateful we cleaned out her apple turnovers and ham and egg croissants. It was delicious!

* most pictures are of me behind Joe but they finally convinced me to do a belly pic. I'm 21 weeks I believe.

* My feet swelled up once I got there and then went down a little. One night while at dinner my legs got attack by bugs and my ankle swelled up like I've never seen. My calves and ankles swelled up so bad on our plan ride home I could barley walk because my skin was pulled so tight. I'm just glad they are slowly going back to normal and not everything on me is getting fat with pregnancy.

* Some little ruins we found on a hike. The hike was a pretty little hike through a rain forest.

*One morning Ellen took us to a floating dock and we did Qui Qong or Chi Chong some type of meditation and of course Joe had to do it in snorkel gear.

* Joe and I at the Pitons one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen.

* Joe and I at the front of the sail boat, starting our sea adventures.

* These 2 really loved each other the whole trip. They defiantly were each other's biggest fans and laughed all day long. Catie & I didn't think they were as funny as they thought they were, but we still love them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Coccimiglio

We're having a boy and couldn't be more excited! I had a feeling we were having a boy but every weird dream I have had has always been a girl. Last night I dreamt all night long, about running late to the appointment and seeing a baby girl, so I prepped Joe before we went and said all my dreams have been a girl but we'll see. The second I realized we were looking between the legs I knew it was a boy. I'm sure we would have been just as excited for a girl, but now knowing the sex of our baby makes pregnancy so much more real. It's not that I'm just getting fat now, but now I have a baby boy and it's ok to have a belly for him. We saw him in every angle and his little heart it was amazing. I haven't seen Joe as excited as I saw him today. I'm sure he is just thrilled to have a little soccer player. Most of my friends are having or have had girls so my little boy well have plenty of girlfriends to choose from. To be honest I haven't been to much into this pregnancy. Haven't really looked at baby clothes or items or anything really, but now I am more excited to get a nursery together and I can't wait until October.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Curse You Jalapeno

A couple of months ago I made this Indian dish that requires some jalapeno. After I cut and seeded the jalapeno I of course washed my hands. A couple hours later after eating with our friends I rubbed my eye and apparently there was still some stupid jalapeno on it because it shot through my eye. It instantly went down the right side of my face and numbed my whole right side. So I learned my lesson from then on I always wore those plastic dentist gloves while cutting hot peppers. Well last weekend we had friends over to see our new place and I made the same Indian dish ( it takes like all day to make and Joe is obsessed with it, so only when he is good is when I'll make it JK). I didn't use gloves because I was running late and with moving I just wasn't sure where they were. So I was extra careful all night making sure I didn't rub my eyes or even itch my nose. If I had an itch I had Joe do it. I washed my hands several times throughout the night so I thought I was safe. Well here comes bed time around 12 and I go to take out my contacts. Son of a B-sting there was still jalapeno on my fingers. Luckily not too much and Joe flushed it with water so I could still feel my face. So yes Jalapeno 2, Tori 0 and no matter how big of a hurry I am in I well not cut super hot peppers until I have my dental gloves on.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Last Big Vacay for a while

As many of you know vacation time is very important to Joe, mainly to Vacation Joe. With a baby on the way we of course had to get in 1 last big vacation. Don't get me wrong I'm sure we well still have many weekend trips before October but apparently with a new house and a baby life just got a lot more expensive. After many months of debating if we could afford one last big vacation we decided we can. Joe's friend Neil's parents are sailing their way around the Caribbean for who knows how long and invited Neil and Catie to come visit, and then Neil invited us to come visit. SO we're going on down to St. Lucia and sailing around for 6 days. I'm so excited because it is something we have never done before. We were thinking about Hawaii but we can go to Hawaii anytime, sailing around islands doesn't happen to often. So hopefully Neil wasn't joking about us coming because our tickets are booked and I'm looking for swimsuits. We are going the end of May so I'm sure swimsuits aren't going to be my favorite thing to wear being all nice and round, but I think I can suck it up for a couple of days. I'm excited for summer and sun and visiting new islands we haven't visited before!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I do love CA but this has gone too far

Everyone who reads this blog knows that I grew up in California in the Santa Clarita Valley. I loved growing up there! I loved riding my bike everyday down to Lucky's and get a soda and hang out at the park. I loved that we could just play outside and climb our hill for hours and no one had to worry about us being safe. I loved the weather all year long and how close everything is. Even though it may take an hour to get to the beach I loved that once I got my license my friends and I could just drive down to the beach every weekend and relax. Yes everything about Santa Clarita was amazing, but now it has taken a turn for the worse. Yes this is a true story but it has gone from SCV to Awesometown...PROMISE! That is so embarrassing how can you look at a place called Awesometown and take it seriously. Even though I love California I am glad I moved before it turned into high society people living in Awesometown. Yes when I went home last week I found out the news and was embarassed but had to laugh at the same time. Whoever decided to name to place Awesometown, should really reconsider looking into another line of work's even on their website and they have billboards of it!