Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Coccimiglio

We're having a boy and couldn't be more excited! I had a feeling we were having a boy but every weird dream I have had has always been a girl. Last night I dreamt all night long, about running late to the appointment and seeing a baby girl, so I prepped Joe before we went and said all my dreams have been a girl but we'll see. The second I realized we were looking between the legs I knew it was a boy. I'm sure we would have been just as excited for a girl, but now knowing the sex of our baby makes pregnancy so much more real. It's not that I'm just getting fat now, but now I have a baby boy and it's ok to have a belly for him. We saw him in every angle and his little heart it was amazing. I haven't seen Joe as excited as I saw him today. I'm sure he is just thrilled to have a little soccer player. Most of my friends are having or have had girls so my little boy well have plenty of girlfriends to choose from. To be honest I haven't been to much into this pregnancy. Haven't really looked at baby clothes or items or anything really, but now I am more excited to get a nursery together and I can't wait until October.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Curse You Jalapeno

A couple of months ago I made this Indian dish that requires some jalapeno. After I cut and seeded the jalapeno I of course washed my hands. A couple hours later after eating with our friends I rubbed my eye and apparently there was still some stupid jalapeno on it because it shot through my eye. It instantly went down the right side of my face and numbed my whole right side. So I learned my lesson from then on I always wore those plastic dentist gloves while cutting hot peppers. Well last weekend we had friends over to see our new place and I made the same Indian dish ( it takes like all day to make and Joe is obsessed with it, so only when he is good is when I'll make it JK). I didn't use gloves because I was running late and with moving I just wasn't sure where they were. So I was extra careful all night making sure I didn't rub my eyes or even itch my nose. If I had an itch I had Joe do it. I washed my hands several times throughout the night so I thought I was safe. Well here comes bed time around 12 and I go to take out my contacts. Son of a B-sting there was still jalapeno on my fingers. Luckily not too much and Joe flushed it with water so I could still feel my face. So yes Jalapeno 2, Tori 0 and no matter how big of a hurry I am in I well not cut super hot peppers until I have my dental gloves on.