Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...and I well stay with you

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary! Can you believe it, it went by way to fast. I was telling Joe that at this rate we are going to have kids, then grand kids and then be dead before we know it. The first year of marriage is interesting. It's not hard it's just a great big learning experience. The one thing I learned the most was compromise. Joe isn't going to want to do everything I want all time and I for sure am not going to want to do what he wants but I learned that it's better supporting and being their for Joe then arguing about it. I was in charge of planning our anniversary so I put the compromising into place. We started our day at the driving range ( for Joe of course). We hit a bucket of balls and even though it was hot we were in the shade so it wasn't that bad. The best part about hitting balls was watching Joe's face as he concentrates. He presses his lips together and his forehead gets all wrinkly, it's the best serious face I've ever seen. After golf we headed off to sushi, which is always amazing. Then to Batman. I love seeing movies, I guess I got that from my dad. I could watch movies at a movie theater all day I just think it is the greatest thing ever. Throughout the day we would ask each other what the best memory about our first year of marriage or dating was. So after dinner I decided to go one by one and name a memory ( a good one of course) that we had of each other and I wrote them down so we would never forget. Joe was a good sport at first but once he started saying naming "inappropriate" things I new he was done so we ended it there.
I am so in love with Joe and am so thankful for his compassion and patients with me. I think I have marriage down for right now, it really is about compromising, I think that makes both of us happy and both get to do what they want. When kids get thrown into the mix i well probably need to learn quit a bit more but that's not for like 5 years according to Joe.

* 1st stop... driving range
* 1st bite of our year old cake
*City Creek Park where Joe proposed

Friday, July 25, 2008

Krump...Love it or Hate it

So I have this new love for krumping. Some people look at it and just think its mean and aggressive and nasty but I love it. On you tube I was just watching all sorts of krumping and it's amazing. It's amazing how sharp people can move their bodies. It's not aggressive it's passionate and entertaining. On SO You Think You Can Dance the krump choreographer is Lil'C and he is outstanding. Sometimes he gets really deep but you can just see it in his dancing how much he loves it. I could probably sit here at work all day and watch it. In fact that's what I probably well do. I mean what is could i do while sitting for the next 6 hours... Krumping AHHH YEAH!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lake Powell

Last week went to Lake Powell with the Coccimiglio's. I'm pretty sure I did more eating there then I have ever eaten on a cruise ship. I'm sure you know how the Lake Powell trips go lots of eating, boating, swimming, game playing and burning. And that was pretty much it plus some little surprises. After a broken boat, broken hand and broken ipod the trip turned out not to shabby. I'm more than sure I got my game feel for the next 3 months, and even though we just swam every day I could swim in that water everyday since the temperature was about 80 degrees.

* The first and only day of boating

* Too bad I didn't know how to use the multi-shot otherwise you would have seen the landing

* Just hanging out on the houseboat

* Nothing like the fun party island

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Offical

I have the most amazing husband ever. This week has been not the best week and it's only Tuesday. Basically just because I have to work longer hours this week( which included a Saturday shift) so I can get enough hours in before we leave for Powell. I really don't like working extra pointless hours. Well I have been sorta a brat because it puts me in a bad mood. So on Saturday Joe did come down to my work and went to lunch with me and played some games until I was off which already merits him an amazing husband award. Then today not less than an hour ago I got a delivery at work. I was down in the bathroom but when I came back up I had a dozen red and white roses at my desk with a note from my secret admirer. Apparently 3 girls came into the office and dropped them off. Well good thing I know Joe's hand writing so I gave him a call. He had an appointment downtown and asked 3 random girls to drop these off for him. How great is he, no matter what kind of mood I'm in he is always consistently happy and loving. I don't know how he is so patient with me but I do love him for it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

You May Say I'm a Dreamer

...The title really doesn't have anything to do with the post I'm just listening to that song...

Oh how I love long weekends. This weekend started off just right on a Thursday. After work Joe and I headed up to Park City for the night. He was playing in a volleyball tournament with Scotty so we decided to make a trip out of it. Thursday night Daniel and Caitlin stayed with us and we ate at the Pizza place on main street. It was so so good. We got a BBQ chicken pizza and the BBQ sauce was so sweet. After that we were lucky enough to see some fireworks at the canyon resort. We took a little ski lift up there and we had some awesome girls in there with us. As we were getting closer to the top you could start smelling all the good food that was being cooked, or according the girls they smelled the " disgusting calories" while they were drinking some beers. I don't know about you but I'd take a big fatty BBQ over some beers which both probably have the same amount of " disgusting calories". It was the quote of the night for me. They had some live music that we danced too and then a fun firework show, it was a great night. Leaving wasn't very fun because there were so many people with short tempers and road rage so getting out of there took quit a bit long.

The next morning we woke up nice and early to get ready for a little volleyball. Even though it was like 90 degrees it was overcast so it wasn't too bad sitting outside all day. Joe and Scotty played until about 3 pm and then we headed home for some good ol traditional 4th of July meal... Well maybe not so traditional but it was so good. Joe's dad made his spaghetti sauce over some rigatoni which wasn't a bad idea because he didn't have to stand outside over a grill in 100 degree weather. Frankie makes the best pasta sauce so I was quit content with my Italian 4th of July meal. That night we went with Court and Josh over to Murray park for some fireworks. And the show was really really good. The fireworks were huge and it was kinda a long show. I'm so glad I got to see fireworks 2 nights in a row!

Sunday Joe left for a brothers/ mom trip to the narrows so I am now home alone. but last night was real fun. My friend Julie from home had everyone we grew up with who now lives in Utah over for some dessert. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. We all grew up together starting from like primary and I just love reminiscing on old times. I'm so glad I went on over to her house because I haven't seen any of them in a long time. The sucky part was going home that night alone. I locked both locks on our front door and then locked myself in my room. I have the hardest time sleeping alone ever since I've been married. I woke up like 2 times and one time I was convinced someone was trying to get in my house I was about to call Joe at like 3 in the am but then I just calmed myself down and slept with the phone in my hand. being alone sucks and I hope Joe comes home sooner rather than later.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I just love this show and I just had to post my top 3 dances right now. 2 of which are Mia Michael's. She is an amazing choreographer and I wish I could just dance half as good as these guys.
#1 Favorite is Bleeding Love with CHelsie and MArk

#2 Favorite is Twitch and Kherington I mean how can you just not love Twitch

#3 Favorite is Josh and Katee... Some say he has a grill I say it's braces regardless this dance is AMAZING

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Just People Watching

Have you ever took the time to just sit and look at all the different species we have here in Utah. On Saturday it was a great day to people watch. Joe and I did all new things, it's always fun to try new things. Saturday morning we started out at the farmer's market. That was really great just going out there and trying new things and all the creative projects people think off. The best part was the people watching. I know some people may think its not a trend to be grungy and homeless looking, a hippie or some health food nut. But if I'm not mistaken in order not to be a trend it should be your own original idea or look and every one at the farmer's marketing was the same. All hippies and homeless styled people. But I guess if you can pull it off you can pull it off. This hippie chef made some pretty good salad and he used 47 spices! Are you for real I never would have thought all the flavors would taste so great together.

Later that night we went from hippie's to complete white trash and experienced a demolition derby. I didn't even know what one was I was thinking a monster truck rally, but I was way off. It's just crappy cars running into each other and the crowd goes crazy. I do admit I was very entertained. I wanted to see a car tip over just as bad as the man with shark teeth in front of me. I'm not quit sure were all those people come from, but the stadium was packed.

This weekend were just going to Park City so probably not going to see as awesome people as we did last weekend, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.