Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybe a Theme

So lately I have had no clue was to blog about. I thought I could blog about Finn of course everyday, but I think only so many people want to read about how many times he tried to crawl in a day. By so many people I mean me and maybe Joe. I thought I could make up a perfect family and make fun of people because I think I ma better then everyone else, but then I realized I had a life. I could be a food critic but then everyone would know how much crap I eat. I could blog about my workouts at Pure Workout and hoe ridiculous they are and how much I sweat and get my butt kicked everyday. Again I think only myself would enjoy that. I can people watch and make fun of people, but my New Year's resolution is to not make fun of people, so that wouldn't work. For now you are just stuck with me and my family and random thoughts every now and then. On that note here is what we have been up to...


Like I was saying this is what we have been up to. Like the bad parent I am Joe and I left our Finn and went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. I'm pretty sure Finn didn't really care because he had cousins constantly taking care of him and playing with him. Of course when we got back from the cruise Finn decided to give me the "no look at mom" treatment for about 20 minutes. Of course as soon as he saw Joe he was kicking and excited to see him. He probably just though Joe was at work. I do all the work and Joe always gets all the love. Sometimes I just think babies have it all wrong. Back to the beginning, Joe and I enjoyed some alone time for the first time in 8 1/2 months. Joe did have to give me a lecture on why it is good to leave a 8 month old because we don't want him living at home when he is 30. After that lecture ( which doesn't really make sense) I was fine and we were able to enjoy ourselves.

We enjoyed a boat ride in the sun to...

where we meet these guys. Sharks in the ocean where we snorkeled. Once they got to close I went in the boat while Joe stayed out.

We also relaxed on the beach,


Visited this little site in Key West. It should say Southern and Hottest point in US,

and we had a fancy night.

At the end we got to come home to this little stink bug. I'd say this was the best part of the trip.