Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A couple of weeks ago our whole family was sick. Joe and me being sick isn't a big deal but seeing Finn get sick is the saddest thing ever. Though it was sad he wasn't himself it was nice that he would snuggle with me and he lost his voice so his cry wasn't so loud. Thank you Court for running errands for us and getting Joe this card. Best card ever it may even deserve a frame.

My sick little buddy who I love so so much. Those baby blues melt my heart every day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wish I were

as fit as Finn or any baby really. Seriously who sits with their legs up all day. Just hanging out legs straight up in the air and he does it with a smile. I wish I could have the endurance of a 4 month old because he moves all day long and eventually he gets tired but only after about an hour and a half of moving.

I always wish I were Finn because he is so stinkin cute, I just can't get enough of him. What a life to eat sleep and play all day long. Even though Finn is working out those strong little legs of his he doesn't even have to use them yet because he just gets held all day. Now he is just showing off that he likes working out before he even really needs to. If I had that kind of motivation this baby weight would be gone by now. This is our son Findley Jon at 4 months and I don't know how it is possible but he does get cuter everyday. At four months he has discovered a lot. He loves playing with his hands and sometimes goes cross eyed while getting so excited that his fingers interlocked. He is talking up a storm with babbles and goos and an occasional M sounds ( even though Joe thinks I'm just wishful thinking) I swear he says mmmmm, i like to pretend it's mom. I love when he copies my rasberries and sticking out my tongue. I love it more when he giggles out loud at the simplest thing. He keeps Joe and I working though because something may make him laugh one day and the next day Finn expects us to come up with new tricks because he's already seen the other ones. Today I was just mimicking him and he thought it was so funny. Probably because he is thinking, wow I own my mom. His cries are getting louder and louder followed by a scream. Though mean, I think it is so funny watching that tongue of his curl up as he screams. Just so you know son I love you when you cry, scream and laugh, but i love you a little more when you're happy so lets work on the happy, laughing part. Finn is the reason I get out of bed every morning, literally if I didn't get out of bed I don't know how long he could last. I love seeing his smiles first thing in the morning which quickly turn to tears because he realizes he's hungry. Unless Joe gets him out of bed those smiles last a little longer because he knows no food is coming out of Dad. I wish I had Finn's strength and good looks, but since that isn't happening I'm really glad I get to be with this little guy all day long.