Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch Up

So as most mother's know, you don't have a lot of you time with a new born. Between the shooting poops, spit up, eating, sleeping, eating again and crying my days seem to fly by without me feeling like i did nothing at all. I thought i would have a couple of minutes to put some pictures up and blog while Finn slept but apparently he knew what i was doing decided to wake up. So now i sit here breast feeding and typing with one hand, my left, so we'll see what i come up with to write. Finn is already a month old and i can't believe it. Joe and I are completely obsessed with him and couldn't be more in love. We just hope he likes us when he gets older. Finn and I are still trying to figure each other out. Really do parents ever figure their children out? Though the first couple of weeks i for sure thought i was going to go crazy and I'm sure Joe thought i was crazy considering i was crying every time he came home, i am now amazed how much i can function on no sleep. Finn really has to be the cutest baby ever and good thing too because without him being so cute i wouldn't be able to get through the crying. Here are some new born pics and Halloween pics my friend Emilie took of him. They really are amazing and capture him perfectly.

Joe and I love Finn's feet. They are the perfect blend of Joe's tank toe and my webbed toe. really who gets a kid with both parents feet perfectly?

These Halloween ones are my favorite. He always looks so confused with his big eyes.This year I was a ghost buster, Joe was the marshmallow man and Finn a ghost.

I am in love with this grouchy face.
and that my friends was typed with my left hand. I'm super impressed with my self if you can't tell, oh the things motherhood has brought out in me.