Friday, May 1, 2009


A couple things I need to blow off my chest...

1. If you watch Biggest Loser I hate Ron! He is such a rat and I hope Tara kicks all of their butts because she is by far the smartest and least sneaky. Ron for all I care can be 400 pounds again and I wouldn't feel bad because he is such a rat.

2. I hate TV season coming to an end of shows. All season the show can be uninteresting and the last episode is the one you want to keep going. Now I have to wait until next season and I can't stand it.

3. Why oh Why America do you like Adam Lambert? Is it his annoying scream you love? Is it his eye liner? Is it his over dramatic performances which he'll just end up on Broadway like the rest of American Idols? Why do you like him? I just can't see what everyone loves. I think he is the most annoying performer ever and dread hearing him every week. I can't handle him he makes my skin itch every time I hear his voice and see his face.

That's all my 3 dislikes of the week... Other than that school is over and summer school here I come!