Saturday, November 28, 2009

What the Cuss

Being home with my family means lots of movies. So far haven't been to impressed with any of the twilights that I have seen but this movie I was way impressed with... Fantastic Mr. Fox saw it, liked it, loved it, I'd watch it again. Many more movies to see with the fam since I well be seeing them next weekend too. So we'll see how next weekend goes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That's whats up

So I live in Utah and it's cold, and snowy and I get sick more than I ever have, and there are only 2 months ( if lucky) of really nice weather and there isn't a beach but we are the 2nd healthiest state in the US. That's right we're number 2 in being healthy. I feel healthier just knowing that. Some say 2 is the number 1 loser but I say 2 is way more accomplished than 1. Anybody ( besides the South) can get number 1 in healthy states, but to be able to squeeze yourself into the middle of 1 and 3 now that's an accomplishment. Even though times I do miss California for warmth and family and friends I am glad to live in the 2nd healthiest state. Living here I think you get a freebie and you get to say you're healthy so that's always plus. and That's whats up

Friday, November 6, 2009

Skinny Cow equals Fat Girl

What does skinny cow, tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough, banana cream snack pack and chocolate vanilla snack pack have in common? If you guessed my shopping list I'm impressed. That's right Wednesday night at 9:30 I went to walmart and bought only those 4 items. You have to understand though I was craving a treat like I've never craved before. I haven't eaten candy in a month and I usually eat candy every day or at least some chocolate chips to satisfy my sweet tooth ( curse you Dad for giving me that sweet tooth). So what I really wanted was Courtney's chocolate chip cookies because those complete me for at least a couple of days but I didn't have Courtney's chocolate chip cookies. So I went to the store a lone ( I didn't even have Joe there to blame all the treats on as the cashier just smiled at me) and thought I'll just get a healthier snack, skinny cow ice cream only 2 points on weight watchers, but that didn't seem like it would satisfy me all the way. I then went and got some cookie dough knowing I wasn't going to make the cookies and I was going to just eat 1 little square of dough and the snack packs were for Joe because those are really lames treats if you ask me I wouldn't even call that a treat. When I got home, after a couple of smiles from the grocery store and a good laugh by me, I sat down and ate a skinny cow and 1 cookie square like I planned. Still didn't satisfy me so I ate 2 more cookie squares which totally cancel out the skinny cow. Yes I am a fat girl inside wanting treats all day long, good thing tollhouse has 24 cookie dough squares that could last me at least a week.