Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Simple as a Rose

I have officially decided I have the most amazing husband ever! We are down to one car so I have been taking the trax to school and work, which is totally fine because it drops me off right in front of work. Well yesterday Joe had to drop my car off at the trax station because he his Colt alumni soccer game at 7 and I wasn't getting to the 45th stop until around 7. So as I got in my car I had a beautiful single pink rose and a sweet little note just to tell me he loves me. The pictures below isn't the flower from yesterday ( because I didn't take a picture) but these are form another time when I cam home to fresh roses. I know some girls are just like flowers are stupid and a waste of money, but I love them! I love the thought that Joe went out of his way to get me a simple rose. No matter what kind of day I may have a simple I love you makes that day that much better! So I just wanted to say thank you to Joe for being the most amazing husband and making me the luckiest wife!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give Big

I just have to write something about the show " Big Give". I just love it! If you haven't watched it yet you must watch it on Sunday's at some time on ABC. It is so amazing what complete strangers do for each other. I know if Oprah handed me large amounts of money everyday and then told me to go give it away I would have a hard time. But watching this show seriously has changed my prospective on things. I just love how when the givers just always want to help children first. Every mission at least 1 person always goes directly to some child organization. There are so many kids out there who need help, it literally break my heart so see kids with no Christmas, or no home to go to. For reals though every one should watch the BIG GIVE it is amazing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

I have been meaning to update the blog since last Thursday but I never had time to download are wonderful pictures. So here it is Monday and I'm finally updating. Thursday night Joe and I had a free stay at the Anniversary Inn ( thanks to our time share presentation). Oh how I just love getting away even if it is just for one night. I know we don't have any kids and our lives aren't that hard right now but just staying in a hotel even just down the street makes all the worries of that week go away. At the Anniversary Inn there are themed rooms and our room was the Phantom of the Opera. I guess by having 2 pictures of the Phantom it classifies as the Phantom of the Opera room. It was a lot of fun though our bed was like a little balcony and our TV was in a stage area with red curtains and all. After we checked in we went and ate at PF Chang's ( thanks to mom and dad for the gift certificate). When we got back we realized we had complimentary sparkling cider and cheesecake it was very delicious. Our bathroom was just a little bigger than our condo our the bathtub was ginormous! The next morning we got free breakfast brought to our door which was a nice way to end the mini vacation. I think I have been spoiled since I have been married because I have been on more vacations in my first 8 months of marriage then probably my whole life combined. We leave for DC and New York in 2 weeks... I think 2 weeks on real life and a week off of real life sounds pretty good to me!

Me being very creative and hiding in our red velvet curtains
Showing off our free cider next to our huge tub

I guess this is what makes the room
classify as Phantom of the Opera

Our awesome Phantom faces!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let's talk about this for a minute

Ok so I just heard the news on who got kicked off American Idol. Since I work Wednesday nights I don't get to see the result show, but seriously Amanda Overmyer? Has America been listening to Kristy Lee Cook? Especially her " 8 days a week". I seriously rather listen to nails on a chalk board then her. I have never been that into American Idol but Jeff pointed out why everyone is so into it... because of the lame writters strike. There are no shows on TV so Americna Idol it is and if I have to listen to her voice one more time I may throw up. Seriously people if i have to remind you of the dreadful performance and put it on my blog just to get her off the show I'll do it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

I haven't updated in a while and I'm sure you are all frantically waiting to see what I have been up to. My family came into town last weekend for Sienna's blessing. I don't get to see them very often so I get very excited when I can. Playing games with them is quite funny. Especially times up. It can be a very stressful game but if everyone is having fun then it can be real funny. Since my dad is a brainiac(?) he knows just about every one on every card. After someone explains the card to get their team to guess my dad always has to correct them and say who they really are, it is quite entertaining. I am sad that they weren't here for very long but hopefully Joe and I can make it down to California sometime ( since we haven't been since our wedding).

It is finally spring break! I was thinking about that today and everyone is always like what are you doing for spring break? In high school everyone went to Carpentria, now people go on cruises or at least out of town for the week, I on the other hand still have to work so there well be no beach vacation for me. I am more than happy to work for week without school. School is so boring I can't stand it! So having a week off is a dream vacation for me. Today is the first day I have been able to sleep in so that was very nice. I also got my first massage today and let me tell you I think Joe may be in trouble because I think I'll most likely need a massage every month now! I am so glad it's sunny outside today, hopefully it well stick and there well be no more cold days!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet Thoughts

Every week Joe takes 3 boys out to give there parents a break. Last night he went to Boondocks and when I used to go with him I would always play deal or no deal. It is so fun! I'm sure betting for tickets is a lot less stressful than 1,000,000 dollars. Well last night Joe took them there while I had to work until 9. I got a random text saying "quick pick a brief case". After that we went to 3 cases and so on. It just made, what was a horrible day, into a good day. I just love random texts throughout the day knowing that someone is thinking of me ( especially Joe).We didn't win 100 but we did win 30 tickets, plus the Jazz won so it turned out to be an alright day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I went from thinking about studying,to homework, to completing my health project, to eating sushi and finally ending my thought process on the Jazz. How great are the Jazz. I know some may think I'm from LA I should like the Lakers but anyone who sits and watches the Jazz play should understand why they are just so amazing. No one can say with a straight face they don't like D-Will or Milsap. It was a sad day for my mom when she heard me talking about sports and not just sports but about a team from Utah. She soon realized that I have become a Utah girl ( don't worry mom I still love CA way more than Utah!) Jazz though some times may not finish the game with a win but they are always so much fun to watch. I love that the Jazz are on KJAZZ. Joe and I don't have cable so when the Jazz play on KJAZZ i love it. Joe may not because its not high def and we don't have TV but I love nothing more than clapping and yelling at the refs on our crappy little TV. I love our Jazz nights in our sweats with slutty food to eat ( usually always pizza with some dessert). In the beginning Joe would always get so mad at the TV or if the Jazz were losing and I never understood why. I now see myself doing the same thing and it's kinda scary. Even though sometimes our plans may have to form around the Jazz games, I still loving sharing those moments together even if it is around a fuzzy little TV.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Random Random

Not too much went on last week besides a whole bunch of school and work, my life just keeps on getting more exciting I know. This weekend was pretty fun, I just love Friday nights. Friday is mine and Joe's date night. We went up to Park City for some time share presentation. The guy got pretty frustrated with us so basically sat us in a corner until our 90 minutes was up so we could get our gift. We did get a lot including a 7 night cruise ( we just pay for taxes), 3 day 2 night stay somewhere and $500 toward airfare. So I thinking sitting in a corner was well worth it plus we won the raffle! I have never won a raffle, Joe was the good luck charm because he said he always wins raffles. We got $50 to the Park City outlets. So after a fun time share presentation we went to dinner at Baja Cantina and then went shopping. It was a great night!
On Saturday we got a new DVD player. And celebrating the new DVD payer we watched American Gangster. Now some may be shocked because Joe doesn't watch rated R movies but thanks to this DVD player you can make a rated R movie PG-13! It is pretty cool you can put a filter on for just about anything from violence to mushiness( I'm not sure what that means but if you don't want it cut it out). So without all the profanity and nudity American Gangster was a pretty good show. It's so funny that the movie industries has to put all that crap in because we saw the same movie as everyone else just more appropiate.
Let me tell you something about little kids. They just make my day by their new expressions and words they learn. I just love all my nieces and nephews. The other day Tyler has a picture of Joe on her phone and Cambria insisted on calling Joe. Well since I was at work Cambria didn't get to talk to Joe but then she asked Tyler if she could just sleep with her phone so she can look at precious is that ( I think Cambria has pretty good taste). Jeff brought the kids into work on Friday since Tyler had back surgery so Ethan was sippin back on some Mtn. Dew and candy and Ethan said, " I'm getting so silly".
I just love those kids! I wish I wrote down some more things they were saying because they said so many funny things.
P.S. It's spring break next week and even though I'm working I don't have to go to school for a week and that is the best break ever!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bringing Back Elections

From Elections

To Marriage

So while walking around campus today I noticed the colorful posters in buildings... that could only mean one thing election time! Usually that would mean nothing to me but it brought back all the memories when Joe ran for president last year. Shortly after we started dating Joe went to Peru for 2 months so I was very excited for him to come back so we could start for reals dating. Little did I know he was being serious about running for President at the U. This isn't just an overnight event but more like a 3 month 24 hour task. Joe not only lived in Salt Lake and I was in Provo but during elections he was on campus from 6am to 11pm. This was a real relationship builder for us. Even though I could never really be with him for an extended period of time the little time we did get to spend together was great. Joe losing the elections was one of the happiest days for me (about 5% of me felt bad too). Sometimes I give Joe a hard time for our dating because he was so busy for the majority of it, but looking back I wouldn't have changed it for anything.

Posting campaign signs on campus: 40+ hours
Handing out red bulls and old cupcake hostess: 12+ hours/5days a week
Patience and Support: 24/7
election in return for marriage: PRICELESS