Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Suck More Like It

I can't handle it I gotsta get it off my mind. Last night we went to Red Robin by Fashion place and it was beyond the worst thing ever, besides my food being good. We waited for literally an hour and a half before we got our food. Yes I know our party as a little more than 4 people but the restaurant was empty. They brought out the burgers then about 15 minutes later the salads came out. I usually wouldn't care because i would be full from fries but since I'm on this dumb diet I couldn't eat fries so I was starving. Then once my salad came out it was wrong so I had to wait another 10 minutes. Seriously for a salad and poor Eloise was the last one to get her food. What does the generous manager do, she says she'll give us 15% off. Oh how nice of her to spare us a dollar or 2 after waisting 2 hours of my life. Not to mention I got 1 refill in the 2 hours we wasted away. I do like red robin but i guess they only really serve you when you go on a busy night. If there is no one in the restaurant don't expect to get in and out quickly because you won't. I've been thinking about it all morning and how much it bugged me that the manager thought she was a life saver for giving us 15% off. One day I think I'll be a full blown Coccimiglio and say something in the moment to get free food( which Joe did and my salad was free), but for right now I'll just be silent mad.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Name Picking Vs. Parenting

Question: Which is harder picking a name or parenting?Answer: Both suck in their own way but end up being pretty good. I've decided no matter what you do there is someone that is going to criticize. Name picking for Findley was one of the hardest decisions. In fact I had a list of names and around 8 months of pregnancy I decided I hated all the names and started all over. Findley actually didn't even come until the day he was born. I hated sharing names with people, not because i was afraid someone would take the name but because EVERY ONE has something to say about it. I should have just been like my parents and left the birth certificate blank so one day when Finn needs a driver's licence or passport he could pick his own name. Then baby came and Findley was his name and now we had to do this parenting thing. People always quote me books or say I should do this or that, but guess what every child is different and just because a book says something doesn't mean it is right. No body is the perfect parent yet every body wants to tell you their right. You're wrong if your child is on a schedule, you're wrong if they're not, you're wrong if you formal feed, you're wrong if they take a binki, you're wrong if they don't sleep through the night or don't take naps, if you're child cries you are a bad parent, if you love your child to much you're bragging yada yada yada blah blah blah. Now that name picking is over with, hopefully we don't screw up our children too bad with this parenting gig.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative Flow

Since having a child ( which is fantastic) I have realized my creative writing has come to a stop. All I can think about is that little stink Finn and how I want to squeeze him. Then I write it down and let you guys know how i squeezed him and so on and so forth. So while he naps, which i should be napping too, I have looked up my old post to maybe get some ideas to write about. Man was i laughing at some of the things I wrote 1. because they are real random and 2. because i am pretty funny.

1. I wrote about how on Saturday Joe and I went shoe shopping all day. Seriously and people commented on it like it was interesting. The simple days of no yard work and no kids and we could just go shoe shopping all day.

2. I talked about how Joe has several times left me roses out of a surprise and how some girls think roses are a waste but I love them. I laugh because one V-day all Joe got me were flowers and I was mad about it calling it a cop out, which is why we now do no gifts. When I think about it a nice little surprise of a flower or card or panda express really is a nice break from real life.

3. I wrote multiple times about the Utah Jazz and how awesome they are. Now that I have written down how much I like them I guess I have to continue to like them even when they are miserable. I defiantly don't want to be a fare weather fan ( if that's what's called). Plus the only LA appearl allowed in our house is Dodger stuff.

4. Seriously Milk Chocolate chips, i loved them almost as much as i love Finn. Being pregnant really ruined my chocolate fever and I don't eat them nearly as much. Maybe because pregnancy ruined my body along with my chocolate obsession, once i get one back I may get the other back.

5. How I love the sounds of the metro in DC and hate the noise on the traxs, they should really get that checked out.

6. Oh how I used to love American Idol and would post about it almost every week.

The things I used to write about and how unimportant some of them are, yet how interesting it is to talk about. So know that you have a recap on the last couple years lets talk about something that is driving me crazy. Men, not all, are idiots. Tiger and Arnold have you seen your wives? Have you seen the hussies you have cheated with? They literally can't get uglier than that. How is it that men are so stupid sometimes? It's like Julia Roberts said, when you're creme brulee sometimes men just want jello and creme brulee can never be jello.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looky Looky

After 4 days of misery over Easter Findley Jon got his teeth and he couldn't be any cuter!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Adventures

It had been a whole month since our last vacation, so as you may or may not know Joe that meant it was time for another. We went down to California to visit my fam and to go to San Diego. This time we flew which was amazing. I don't think i can drive again. It was quick and painless and Finn was an angel. We played a ton while we were there. We went on our first real kid less date with Josh and Court to Santa Monica. Though I have a hard time leaving Finn, it was much needed to spend time with my hubby again. We spent 3 days in San Diego with perfect weather. He went to Sea World, played at the beach and ate lots a Mexican food. I never thought I'd admit to something being better in Utah, but I have to. Though San Diego should have the best Mexican food since it's all Mexicans I have to say I have had better in Utah. In fact I don't think anything could beat Red Iguana and my business tacos I get there. Joe wanted to keep eating Mexican because it should be good but I was over it and missing my Red Iguana. There I said it Utah has finally out done California in 1 thing and 1 thing only ( I'm not happy about saying that:)) Anyways Finn saw animals, played at the beach and rode in a big boy stroller all week and he couldn't have been happier. He loves being outside. As soon as he gets fussy we take him outside and it shuts that cute little mouth right up. We love our vacations but it is always nice being back home.

This is where Finn hung out mostly at the beach. He loved sucking on this fruit. Unfortunately while we put everything away Finn decided to face plant in the sand. No picture because he were in a hurry a to get off his face. Sand in his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. He was sneezing out sand the rest of the day.

Joe is obsessed with Magic Mountain and went twice while we were there( and yes he paid for both times with a season pass he bought). Finn on the other hand did not like the loud roller coasters.

Finn's first time feeling the nice cold pacific ocean.

I know it looks like Finn is sleeping and that's because he is. He was just so excited to see Shamu he wore himself out.

Tank foot and Jr. tank foot with the polar Bear's tank foot.

Our first stop in Sea World was the pet show and Finn couldn't be happier. It looks like he has buck teeth but that's just his tongue that is always sticking out.

Just talking to each other while hanging out in Old Town San Diego.

Once again Finn fell asleep because of all the excitement. This time it was in a nice warm spa.

Like Father Like Son

This is not a joke or planned. I tried getting pictures of Joe and Finn and seriously the pulled the same faces. Really son you already look like your dad do you guys have to pull the same faces in pictures too. I can already tell taking family pictures for the rest of my life isn't going to be easy. I already had a husband who never took pictures serious, now I have a son too. I still love you though!