Saturday, September 10, 2011


Apparently talking about my breast size, or lack thereof wasn't enough about our Arizona trip. Although that was the highlight of my trip we did much more then discover I am a small child. We swam a lot the week leading up to the wedding. What else can you really do in the beautiful dry heat of Arizona? Joe however managed to go golfing 3 times, go to a diamondbacks game and an ASU game. I swam, Joe went on many adventures. Finn discovered a couple new things. He loves to "read". Every time we are in the car he was reading a book, even if it's upside down he'll still read it, he's that talented. He loves naked time with his cousins and he loved crawling around on the splash pad. He did learn that if you look inside a hole water well come out of it and it well splash you in the face. My son may like a lot of things, but he did not like that surprise. I got yelled at by a grumpy German man for taking pictures of my sleeping son in the temple waiting room. He actually threatened to take my camera away, can they even do that? I'm pretty sure he's still upset about the whole Hitler thing, and someone should let him know that only nice people are supposed to be working in the temple. At the reception we danced the night away. Well we danced until Finn fell asleep, which was 8:30. I then watched the Latinos dance the night away while holding a sleeping, sweating baby. We spent time with cousins and Aunts and Uncles, ate Neilsons, ate some more, played a weak round of Hearts and swam some more. It was hot but worth it.

*Side note that has nothing to do with Arizona: my husband makes the best Fettuccine Alfredo. I just ate some left overs and I have never had Alfredo better than his. In fact we don't even eat at Italian restaurants really anymore because anything Italian his family makes is 100 times better then anything at sick Olive Garden or any other Italian restaurant . You know it's good when at the end of the Alfredo there is a pile of butter and oil in the bowl. Thank you Joe for making the best Alfredo ever! Now some pictures:

Happy new couple, Eli & Mila

Book worm

Mesa temple waiting for Eli & Mila

It was totally worth it to get yelled at for this picture

My 2 handsome boys

Splash Pad Party

Getting shot in the face

He doesn't even know what's coming

Naked Party

Pool time

Flying Finn

Conkling Family

Dance Dance, you know it's serious when you get the face

Mom with the kids

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Chance

This last week my whole family went on over to Arizona for my brother Eli's wedding. Mine and Tyler's families made a vacation out of it and stayed in Scottsdale the week leading up to the wedding. Since Jeff and Joe golfed basically every day, Tyler and I made a little shopping trip to a store called Last Chance. It's not Nordstroms, it's not Nordstroms Rack, it's what comes after Nordstroms Rack and it is amazingly cheap. We got shirts for a dollar (dolla holla), $150 pencil skirts for $4.97, $50 shorts for $5.97, you get my point it was extremely cheap. Just ask Tyler she of course found out how much she would have spent compared to what she did spend, it doesn't even make sense. Anyways when we got home I was looking at my recite to see how much everything was. I know I got 3 kids belts for .97 cents and they were listed as LC Kids AP. While looking down I found 2 other things listed under LC Kids AP. for $3.97 (as shown above). I was confused as to what else I bought in the kids section and then it clicked. Yes I bought 2 kids bras that fit like a glove. Thank you Finn for tricking me into thinking I would have big breast after children when in fact I now have smaller breast then I did before and I now have to shop in the kids sections for bras. At least I finally have some bras that fit.