Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not the best aim

Remember when your husband was so sweet and he would carry you to bed after being to lazy and tired from your nightly shows. Remember when he so sweetly tossed you on the bed with no lights on just so you wouldn't have to do anything yourself. Remember how instead of tossing you in the middle of the bed he tossed you on the edge so you rolled off and hit the wall with knees and arms. Ahhhh those are the good days. Yup I got the hint, he tried saying it was a accident but for now on I well walk to bed no matter how lazy I am. Don't get me wrong I loved falling( more like bounced off) off the bed and hitting corners of closets with body parts, but something about laying your head down on a nice pillow is just more comforting. In marriage you learn so many lessons more than I ever knew there were to be taught.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweat, Dirt and Vegas

Last weekend Joe and I and Brett and Heather went to Vegas for a AVP tournament. Even though we had fun I just got reminded how uncool Vegas is. It's hot and slutty and dirty and hot. I don't think I have ever been that dirty in my life. All day we sat outside to watch volleyball and I just had sweat built upon sweat and my feet looked like they were from another mother. So after a long day of volleyball in the sun we decided to go see KA. I'm pretty sure we were the dirtiest people in that place. Everyone always gets all dressed up for shows but not us, nope we went straight there sweat, dirt and all and enjoyed the show just as much as the fancy people. I love our little weekend trips because we get to leave Work Joe at home. Only 2 more weeks and I get Vacation Joe for 12 days cruising down the Panama Canal!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I love Thursday nights during fall. And no it's not because there are football games on sometimes it's because of all the great TV shows. Last night was a success. Community was a success end of story.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Sometimes men and women just don't make sense. How can 2 beings compliment each other on most days and on others be complete opposites? How can a women worry about a man if they are 5 minutes late but a man not even worry about it if a women is 1 hour late? Maybe men are just more trusting and know everything is going to be ok. Sometimes I wish I were a man so I didn't worry so much but I think without worrying comes loss of common sense. Women and men are just different and I think that is the bottom line. If a women wants her man to be more sensitive and worried and miserable without her then maybe she should marry a women. If a man wants his women to have sex without the talking, let lose or not cry then maybe he should marry a man. Bottom line is we need each other no matter how different we are. Having differences in marriage, relationships and life makes it that much more exciting. Sometimes women need girlfriends to let them know they're normal. Men... well men just have an easy life and women are thrown into the mix to make it more exciting I think. Sometimes we have good weeks and sometimes we have bad weeks but in the end men and women usually end up happy. I mean who wants a peanut butter and peanut butter sandwich?