Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot & Cold

Valentine's Day was just last week and if you think of it, it's kinda a weird Holiday. Yes I know I am always going to have a Valentine so I should just love it because I well always have something to do with someone I love, but in all reality it's another day for gifts, spending money and saying I love you a lot a lot a lot. When you love someone you shouldn't need a special day to express how much you love them it should be everyday. Since there is a specific day every year you are supposed to spend excessive money and really expectations are never really met, are they? When you get one thing it's kinda like you wanted something else. All Valentines Day is really another day for people to have super high expectations that may be let down and to show how much you love someone, when in fact that should be shown everyday all year long if you really really really love them.

This year Joe and I decided to not do presents and it was my best Valentines day ever. Honestly I can't remember what I got our first year of marriage and last year I was a brat because what I thought I was getting I didn't get ( even though he did put a lot of thought into that present) and this year I well remember and have the rest of our lives. This year Creative Joe came out and did a scavenger hunt for me. He wrote a nice long letter in the shape of a heart, cut it up and hid it throughout the house. When we got home from church I started looking. Apparently I am really good at finding the easy ones but then some were just impossible to find so we had to play hot and cold. Once I found all the pieces I put them together and they made this huge heart with the most thoughtful words. I loved every moment of our Valentine's weekend and am thinking of not doing presents ever again. This way I'm happy, Joe's happy and our bank accounts stay a little fuller.