Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know I'm pregnant but...

this is totally how I feel. I know I know everyone gives the compliments "no you look great, you're not even showing, you probably won't show forever", but no matter what anyone says there is no beating around the bush, I'm getting fat and that is that. I know I'm pregnant and you're supposed to get fat but I just wish that the belly would pop out at once rather than this gradual pudgy to pregnant look. Right now I'm in the stage were if I haven't seen people in a while it's like " Damn Gina have you seen Tori she has gained a couple pounds." I guess I'll have to just wait until the pudgy round look goes away and a belly starts to pop. Besides the uncomfortable round look pregnancy has been great so far. I haven't been sick at all, a little tired and pee like crazy but as I come to the end of the first trimester the sleepiness is slowly going away. Oh and if you're thinking about getting pregnant I'm going to inform you on something that I was never informed on. You may think you'll get a full nights rest until your third trimester but don't be fooled. The full nights rest stops when that little sperm and egg meet. You well constantly wake up in the middle of the night to pee. So if you are ready to not get sleep for the next 18 plus years then you're ready to be a mom. Yes, I decided 18 plus years of no sleep because I think I well never get any sleep with any amount of kids. Since no one warned me about waking up every couple of hours since the beginning I am just preparing myself for 18 years of no sleep that way if I start to get sleep before then, I well be oh so happy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here it Comes

In the beginning of February Joe and I found out that we are having a baby. Now at 12 weeks and after hearing the baby's strong heartbeat again I though we'd share the news. We are super excited for this little one to come and the new adventures it is going to bring us. Now with a new baby and hopefully a new home by the end of April we'd appreciate if that millionaire relative would finally give us a share. The baby is due October 13th which I think is a very spooky date so hopefully it comes a couple days earlier.
*We sent out these little Valentines to our family once we found out.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lesson 2: Crying Works

In this story I think there is a lesson for kids and parents. Parents, don't tell your children to do something if you really don't want it done and kids if you're getting yelled at try crying ( usually works when daughters do it fathers and sons do it to mothers).

I'm pretty sure I was around 3rd or 4th grade when this happened. My family had a DohBoy pool and what that is, is an amazing above ground pool 4 feet deep all away across. Though it was kinda ghetto I loved swimming in it every summer. My dad would work so hard to keep it clean in the summer time, but when winter came around sometimes it would turn green. This specific time it was green with tadpoles which soon became frogs.

One night I was playing with Logan, Ryan and Shannon and my parents were going out. As my dad was leaving he said if you could get the pool blue then I'll give you 100 bucks. Of course as kids we decided to do it without any hesitation. We climbed in the frog infested pool with buckets and starting throwing the water out of the pool. As an adult now I would never even think to get in that pool because of all the germs but as a kid 100 bucks was like 1 million.
*Side note if the water got below a certain point in the pool the lining would shrink and the whole pool would be ruined and we would have to get a new one. Father should have mentioned this before the emptying of the pool started.

So we kept emptying the pool for some time and then once we thought we had enough frogs and green water out we put the hose in and started filling up the pool with pretty blue water. We went inside and my mom and dad came home some time after. I was so excited I told my dad that the pool was filling up with blue water and that we owed us 100 bucks. My parents went outside to sopping wet grass and a pool that was very close to being ruined. As my dad began to yell at me all I could think of was to cry. I cried and he wasn't mad anymore. From that point on I learned when in doubt cry.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lesson 1: Repentance

Last night my friends Courtney and I went to dinner and reminisced on the lessons we learned when we were younger and the different parenting techniques our parents had. I decided I need to write down some of these stories because though right now I can remember like it happened yesterday one day I'm not going to even remember my name.

Lesson 1 is on repentance. I had just gotten baptized and wanted to do everything right. Well one hot summer day I was playing with Logan, Ryan, and Shannon , which was about an everyday event, and we didn't know what to do. Well a couple houses down from my house was abandoned ( or so we thought). It seemed to an 8 year old that no one lived in that house for years, but in reality it was probably like a month or something. So we decided to make a homeless shelter out of it and in order to do that we had to break into it. I'm pretty sure Logan figured out how to open the side window and we all climbed inside. It was perfect all we would have to do is clean it and then homeless people could start moving in. I remember thinking of the huge sign we would put out front, it was alike a dream. Well since we had to clean it we went back to my house and collected all of the cleaning supplies and of course garden supplies too because the yard needed some cleaning up. We went back down to the house and started cleaning, which felt like 2 hours but it was probably 20 minutes, we got really hot so we decided to take a break and go swimming. We left all the supplies at the house and left. As we were walking out a car of people pulled into the drive away and I knew we could never go back and get our things because those people well throw us in jail for breaking in.
For the next month or so I remember my mom asking where her broom was and my dad asking were those big weed clipper things were. I felt horrible especially because at the time we didn't have much money and we had to get everything from the church. But there was no way I could tell my parents that I broke into a house so I just prayed and I'm pretty sure I prayed that they would never find out and that I would be forgiven and I was so sorry and would never do it again. I prayed at least the rest of that year being so scared I was going to jail. Well I never went to jail and I'm pretty sure I'm forgiven for that, but I never told my parents that story until a couple years ago.
As a little kid even though it was going to be a homeless shelter I knew I would be in big trouble and ever since that day every stupid thing I have done I knew it was really important to repent ( and not to tell your parents...just joking) and not to break into houses.
Lesson 1 learned.