Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yup that's right, I'm addicted to crack. I'm not afraid to say it because it is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. See these cookies I'm pretty sure they have crack in them because when I'm not eating them I think about them and when I am eating them I think how I shouldn't be on my 4th cookie already. These are Courtney's cookies and I don't know how she gets them so perfect every time. She doesn't even measure anything and they come out flawless. She made me some for my birthday the other week, which was the best gift ever, and I am ashamed to say that after my 5th cookie right before bed I told Joe he had to take them to work. A couple days later I told Joe I wish he didn't take them to work and he said that was like 3 days ago. I told him I know and I have been thinking about them ever since. These cookies right here I want to be the last thing I eat before I fall asleep forever, I want them buried with my so my casket smells like fresh cookies and I really hope Courtney you bring the recipe to heaven because you should make them when we're there. I bet you wouldn't even have to make them. I bet just thinking about them and they would appear, that would be amazing. So yes I do have a crack problem and it is these cookies. Even though I always say just one I always end up with at least 4 and love every bite of them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa-
As I get older I find fewer things I want for Christmas. This year I can only think of one thing and if I could get it then I won't ask for anything else ever again... well maybe we'll just keep it to one thing a year because lets be honest it's Christmas you always want at least one gift. This year I want to be sick. I want to wake up feeling like I have to throw up but never really do because that would just make me have to throw up more. I want to gain some weight but only in the belly because I don't want to look like an umpa lumpa. I promise i won't name the gift any weird names, like system quatro ( which is really what my dad wanted to name me, true story). And I want you to tell the Mr. this is what I want because I think he listens to you more then he does to me, especially around Christmas time. Let him know I haven't asked for 2 years so he should be grateful and now I am asking. In fact Santa, if you could just have a stork or your reindeer drop it off at the front door and skip the being sick and fat part that would be an even better gift. I just want that gift to hold and kiss and squeeze and when I'm sad and Joe is at work I want that gift to make me happy. I kinda lied in the beginning and I'm sorry for that but I actually want 2 gifts. I know I always said I just wanted 1 but I think having 2 would be amazing. So this is all I want for Christmas so if you could give that to me Santa I'll be good all year long. Thank you so very much!


Tori Beth Coccimiglio

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh How I Love California

Yup it's true I do love California.
1. 80 degrees in November
2. No dry skin only soft uncracky skin
3. My Family
4. Jacque Mendenhall and Becky and Casey too if they still lived there
5. Stonefire Grill
6. BJ's Pazookies
7. The smell of the air
8. Sunny days means sun and warmth not just sun
9. Sitting in the hot tub not because it's cold outside but because you can any time
10. wear sandals all year long without getting frost bite

Why I don't love but just like Utah:
because today the news lady said it is going to be a nice sunny day and then said the high is going to be 29 degrees. Really you can't put nice and 29 degrees in the same sentence. Luckily my husband lives here otherwise I would have to move right back home and get soft skin.