Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cruise Highlights

Welcome to our cruise. I'm just going to do some highlights of our cruise (mostly for the parentals to see it). Joe and I and Tyler and Jeff were able to go on a 10 day cruise down to the Panama Canal and it was amazing. 10 days of relaxing, eating, playing games, seeing new sites and eating was the perfect vacation. Joe and I got this lovely ice cream you see in Costa Rica. What you can't see is the fresh pineapple, mango and banana underneath all that ice cream, it was amazing. Even though this time we had to pay for the ice cream it was 3 dollars well spent. Our stops on the cruise were Aruba, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica and Jamaica. And here we go...

First to start off with is of course our desserts. You probably can't see how many desserts we have but yes we got about 3-5 desserts a night and loved every bite of them.

On the ship was a shuffle board court and Joe and I spent much of our days at sea playing. I of course won every time. I pretty much smoked Joe in every game we played; board games, running up the stairs, racing to our rooms, chipping competitions and shuffle board. Ok to be honest I only beat Joe once in Shuffle board but it was a really good win, but for reals I beat him in everything else.

First stop Aruba. There wasn't too much to do in Aruba but go to the beach. SO we rented these awesome scooters and scoot scooted us all the way to the Marriott and their nice beach. We all 4 didn't fit on one scooter but I just wanted to show you the awesome license plate... it's cardboard.

Next we stopped in Columbia. Columbia was really cool we some some old fort that protected the city from pirates and some old plaza where all the shops were. But really it's just cool that we can say we've been to Columbia because really who goes to Columbia. This little guy played a song for us and what you can't see on the other side of the camera is a shy pirate. Yup an old man dressed up like a pirate but seriously he was hiding behind a pole.

In Panama we didn't really have a stop to go site see around but we did go into the Panama canal which was really awesome. I took this awesome first picture showing the 3 different levels of the water and Joe took the decent on below. Just Joking I mean I really did take the first picture but Joe disappeared the whole day because he took pictures of the canal for about3 hours.

After the Panama Canal we cruised on over to Costa Rica. This was probably my favorite spot because we did so much. We went on a little jungle cruise and saw this sloth up close and awake. You may think that isn't too amazing but sloths stay up in the tree and only come down once a week to go to the bathroom. We just got lucky and got to see him on his bathroom break.

Here we went to a banana plantation. Though it was really hot for us just walking around it would suck to actually work there. They all work outside, no real machines, the physical pull the banana bunches into the cleaning areas themselves.

We went zip lining in Costa Rica and it was beautiful. I could do this again and again because I couldn't believe how high we were and how green everything is.

Tyler swinging on down


Joe- couldn't do anything normal had to do something every platform we went down.


The last stop was in Jamaica. This was my second favorite, he hiked the Dunn's River Fall. It is about a 40 minute hike and there isn't really a trail you just go in the waterfall and start climbing up. We were the first ones on the fall so we got to take our time and take lots of pictures and enjoy it. By the time we started going up the second time everyone was on the cruise ship and it was just too crowded so good thing we got up nice and early for this.

Yup they're really falling off I was just lucky in stand by picture mode at all times.

This is the beginning of the fall and you can't even see the top so we had a long way to go.

Now we may wonder, what the crap why do we have this picture? Well you see on the cruise people are taking pictures at all times and these people for reals got in this pose and took this picture. Jeff and Tyler saw it with their own eyes and is probably the favorite part of our trip. Tyler just had to take a picture of the picture because really, what 40 year olds (or older) climb on each others backs. Just some ideas for next family pictures...

So of course Tyler and I had to take a picture. We thought it was really funny but would have been way cooler if Joe and Jeff were on our backs.
And that my friends was our cruise in a very small nut shell. Can't wait for January for cruise number 2!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Because

I was looking through pictures and found these 2 that made me laugh. You'd laugh too if you knew Joe. SO during winnie wars in Lake Powell it was down to Joe and Corb. Joe of course tried talking Corb into doing something, much like he always tries to talk his way out of a pickle...

And then once he got his attention he attacks....

Lesson to be learned: when competing against Joe don't let him talk his way out of losing just plug your ears and attack.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 for 1

We really like our Happenings book. Each year we get a new book full of coupons for restaurants or different activities. Well this year we discovered, with Brett and Heather, instead of eating 2 for 1 ( 2 meals for 1 price) if we eat Mexican we can eat 4 for 1. Nothing better than eating for 10 bucks at a nice restaurant. On Thursday we went to Blue Iguana. I finally gave in and went to Blue Iguana. I feel bad like I cheated on Red Iguana but just so Red knows, you're still my favorite tacos. Well at Blue we got fajitas and some macho burrito. The description on the burrito says if you can eat it all you get a free dessert, so for sure we thought we could split it between the 2 of us. Well if you look at the picture the burrito was the size of a baby. Really it was as long and as wide as the plate. It had 3 different kinds of meat and smothered in goodness. No way could 1 person eat that whole thing because between the 4 of us we didn't even finish it. Joe had left overs for lunch the next day and it made 2 more burritos. We love 4 for 1.