Friday, August 28, 2009


when last week all I had to do was relax on the houseboat, swim, play games, go to Dodger games and relax?

Well now school has started, my digital scrapbook of last year has been deleted, I'm back to cold calling and have to exercise. Real life isn't nearly as much fun as vacation... until last night. This was the conversation Joe and I had while going to bed.
Joe: " If you think Work Joe isn't fun, Father Joe is going to just be pissed, and angry and mad because he is going to have to beat up Vacation Joe."
2 minutes later
Joe: " lets just have kids until they are 5 because they're only cute until 5 and then give them up for adoption. I mean think about past Tori, you don't want our kids to be teenagers and yelling out us. Once they mature at 22 they can come back and then we could just tell them to move out. "
What great parents we well be. I can already feel the love from Father Joe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work Joe

* WARNING: this may get sappy but just a little bit

Joe, Joe, Joe has so many different sides to our relationship. Sometimes people date or marry someone thinking this is it I just get this one person. Lucky for me I have married someone who always keeps me guessing what type of personality Joe may be this week. It sounds like he just has multiple personalities but he stays the same personality just changes to the time in his life.

Lets start with when we were dating, you may think that's easy you get dating Joe...nope we started with Peru Joe. After about a month of us dating or hanging out ( depends on who you ask) Joe left for Peru for 2 months. Joe did warn me the first night we met that every time he goes on vacation if he is seeing someone he usually just brakes up with them. I guess lucky for me Joe wanted to keep dating once he got back. So this led to Peru Joe; he wrote me letters everyday, sent packages, surprise flowers on my birthday and even some random phone calls every couple of weeks. Even though I didn't get to see him everyday i loved Peru Joe because that's when we learned the most about each other, through letters and phone calls( now he hates talking on the phone).

Once Joe got back from Peru you'd think we would just be a normal couple , wrong again we went from Peru Joe to Election Joe. Joe ran for the president at the U. I didn't really love Election Joe, he is overly dedicated, at school from 6am to 11pm, super sleepy, goes to every social event (while I hang out in the bathroom) and friendly. Election Joe was from December to March and though it was great seeing him at night time he was always to tired and worried about the next day. Election Joe taught me how important my friends are and his friends and I'm sure glad they were there to entertain me while Election Joe shook hands and kissed babies. I do love Election Joe though because he made me a very patient person.

Finally we're married and the 2 years I get Golf Joe. Golf Joe is interested in as many sports as he can do a week, works short hours, takes long lunch brakes, vacations more than works and loves sleeping. I love Golf Joe because he isn't home late and we get to spend the whole night together. Golf Joe still got his work done but knew he still wanted to enjoy life. Golf Joe made me think I could put off kids a little longer because we had so much fun together and I think i became a little selfish.

Now Joe was in Ohio for 2 weeks and came back as Work Joe. Work Joe reminds me of Election Joe but doesn't get as home late. Work Joe gets up at 6, works 12 hour days, rarely a lunch brake, and wears a tie to work every day. At first I did not really like Work Joe, still made me laugh everyday but I didn't get to spend as much time with him. He is more tired now and he actually said one night he was glad he didn't have soccer that night. I thought I would be the first to say that. Work Joe is super dedicated and hasn't missed a beat since he's been back. I'm even going on vacation next week with my family and he said he shouldn't go (not sure if that is Work Joe talking or just doesn't want to go with my family...JK family). Unlike Golf Joe, Work Joe makes me want to have babies because I need someone to hang out with now. Some people say maybe I should get a job, but that doesn't make any sense. Plus it would be perfect, Joe works all the time and would totally miss the 9 months of pregnancy it's a win win. But I really do love Work Joe and all his hard work he does for us. I know some days he is tired and just wants to go to bed but well sit and talk with me anyways. He still takes the time to write me random notes every now and then just to remind me how much he loves me.

I'm glad I had so many Joe's because each one taught me something and am excited to see what comes after Work Joe...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catching up with Ohio

So I've been busy since I have gotten back from Ohio but I thought I'd do a little update. Ohio wasn't as bad as I thought. I saw a lot of movies by myself but that was much better than waiting in the hotel room by myself. It's funny cause people in Ohio don't think it's that great. A couple of times our shuttle driver would tell us that nothing in Ohio is life changing. Well I want to tell you some life changing things that we did in Ohio.

1. Franklin Conservatory: Chihuly art exhibit. This was amazing! Chihuly is an artist that blows glass and this picture is all glass. They had huge chandeliers, clear ceilings with all sorts of glass inside; it was awesome. We sat and just watched the video on how he makes them and it's unbelievable how people can just handle that hot glass and make it into any shape they want to. I suggest that if he has an exhibit that comes to where ever you live you should defiantly see it.

2. If you blow up the picture the sign Joe and I are pointing out says " Please check yourselves for hitch hiking butterflies". Enough said... Life Changing.

3. Luckily Real Salt Lake was playing against Columbus so we were able to make it to a soccer game on Saturday. It was weird rooting for the away team but still fun. When Real scored we were the only ones that jumped up and cheered. In fact it was so quite in the stadium that I thought we didn't make it. Good thing we did otherwise I would have felt even more awkward then I already did...defiantly Life Changing.

4. OK this picture for some reason wouldn't flip, but I ate at Bostons like 3 times in 5 days. And they have the best ever Flying Buffalo Chicken Pizza. It was really the best pizza ever! I even found out they have one in Layton so I may need to take a drive up to Layton.

5. The last but best of all Life Changing events in Ohio was the zoo. Columbus zoo was rated
number 1 zoo in the nation. This picture is Joe's all time favorite picture. We for reals so these monkeys just relaxing and helping each other out. Besides these awesome monkeys we saw a baby elephant that was the cutest thing ever, a couple baby monkeys and Joe got bit by a bird. Apparently birds don't like it even you try to hold them without actually have food in your hands. Joe can usually talk anyone into anything but I guess animals are a little different.
* Life changing not literally meaning life changing just fun things to do.