Friday, April 22, 2011

How do you know?

Joe lost to me in March Madness and by lost I mean I smoked him real bad, he had to not play sports for a week. It was a really good bet to win. So since he was home more than usual at night this week we watched a couple of movies. One movie we watched was How do you know, which we thought was really cute. It totally made Joe and I think of dating. We of course didn't say anything until after the movie but we both thought it. We reminisced on times when we would get excited when we were getting a phone call from the other one. I told him how I would of course always have my phone with me but would let it ring a couple of times before answering. it was always kinda exciting not knowing what the other one was thinking. I didn't think it was much fun not knowing if he ever wanted to get married, since we never talked about it until Joe said " well you marry me." Joe however thought that was fun. Dating was fun and exciting always getting the butterflies when the phone rang or waiting for that good night kiss, but I love marriage way more. Joe said he wasn't going to say anything after the movie because I would make a deal about him liking dating more than marriage, which I did, but knowing that Joe knows me that well makes me love him even more. Yeah dating was so fun but marriage and babies is so much more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Never Grow Up

While I was nannying today the girls love Taylor Swift and played this song. I was holding Finn and literally started tearing up. He just laid there on my shoulder while I listened. He never just lays so he must have known I was having a moment. I love every word and don't want my little Finn to ever grow up. Maybe we'll find Never Never Land and be happy forever. If he never grows up then he'll always need me and never be embarrassed of me and love me forever. Please stay little forever Findley Jon. I love you

* P.S. this isn't the music video, there isn't one. Its just a song I now love.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

6 months

Guess who got their 6 month pictures! Here is a little preview of our handsome little man. I love them even though Finn was tired and it was bright he still looks so handsome. Thank You Emilie for always taking the best pictures. We love you Finners!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just because You love me

So when i was pregnant i always heard of stories from my mom and others how they would get cravings in the middle of the night and their husbands would have to leave to go get what they needed. Rightfully so, since they were carrying another human being in them. When I was pregnant i didn't really get cravings so I didn't have the luxury of sending Joe to random places finding exactly what I needed in the wee hours. Well on Saturday I decided to have a binge day. Usually you get a binge day when you have already started your diet, well I decided to start my diet with a binge day and it was delightful. I figured this way I could at least make it through the week since I started on Saturday with so much crap, enough crap to last me a week. Well one night all we talked about how amazing mini cadbury eggs are ( it's true they are real amazing), so naturally when i got home I wanted some. Don't mind the fact that I have already eaten 3 whole bags to my self in March leaving myself the whole month of April to eat them as well. So the sweet husband i have said he would run to the gas station to get me some. I knew they wouldn't be there so I had back ups ready for him. I said if those aren't there then get me peanut butter M&M's and if those aren't there then get me the new peanut butter snickers ( it sounds so delicious). Joe gets home with not 1 not 2 but 4 candies for me and I loved it. I know it sounds silly how excited I am about Joe going out of his way to get me candy, but little things like that make me happy. It was especially nice of Joe because once he is home for the night he does not like getting back in his car. Maybe he was trying to make up for making me mad or maybe he wanted some action or maybe he just wanted to be the nice husband he always is. Whatever his motives were I am so grateful because 4 candies later I was totally satisfied and ready to start dieting to get this belly baby fat off.