Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Banks Jay

First off do people still blog?  I know I haven't in forever but thought it was only fair to give Banks a birth post like Finn got one.  Since both kids are sleeping I thought know would be the best and only time.

2 weeks in a row Joe had decided to go on little trips.  Normally totally fine with it ( we've been married awhile so I'm not in the needy first year of marriage).  This time however they were right around when baby Banks was due so I wasn't to thrilled.  Trip one to St. George for bachelor party went smoothly with no contractions or water breaking.  He came home for about 2 days then left again on a seminary retreat.  He was closer to home this time but closer to the due date as well.  After my doctors visit and being at a 3 and having, what I thought were heavy contractions, I thought it was time Joe came home early from his trip.  The only problem was Joe was on a boat and decided to be the wake boarding teacher.  I could not get a hole of him for about an hour.  Once he finally called back I told him to head on home because I'm pretty sure I'm having a baby.  2 hours later Joe gets home and we go to the hospital.

Once we checked in and get hoked up my heavy contractions were not so heavy and they told us they were probably going to send us home.  The nurse checked me and said I was a 2, which yes I know earlier I said I was a 3 all nurses must think different.  The nurse that checked me the first time said I was a 3 BUT someone with chubby fingers would say a 2.  I guess my nurse at the hospital had chubby fingers.  Before they unhooked me she wanted to check again only this time my water got in the way and she popped it.  I guess we're staying and having a baby because my water had defiantly broken ( thanks to chubby finger nurse).  She said it would have broken in 2 more contractions but who knows.

The next 9 hours go on and on and very slowly.  Just like with Finn, i move very slowly, I'd say about an centimeter every 1 1/2 or more.  Finally around 2 am I'm ready to go.  Baby Banks was a total of 2 contractions, just like his brother, and came on into this world at 2:30am.  Full head of dark hair, a whopping 6 lbs 4oz and 18 1/2 inches long.  From day one he really has been the perfect child.  Sleeps 10 plus hours at night, naps like a dream and lets his big brother in his face all day long.  Finn has been in love with his brother since day one.  He has never been  mean to him.  He wants to wake him up the second he hears him make a sounds( probably because he knows Banks has to eat and Finn gets to watch a show).  Having 2 kids has been busy and tiring but I love my 2 boys ( 3 Boys) more and more each day.  With Finn we knew he looked 100% like Joe.  Banks on the other hand we have no idea who he looks like.  We just know he's ours because of his webbed toe like big brother and mom.

So there you have it our newest addition to the family and only 3 months late.

Monday, June 18, 2012


When I was pregnant with Findley I remember every one saying how miserable I was going to be being pregnant through the summer.  Findley's pregnancy, as far as I can remember, was a breeze compared to this one.  The summer did not bug me at all.  Being 4-7 months pregnant is way better than being 8-9 months pregnant in the summer.  I feel like I smell all day long because I am sweating.  Even on days that seem to usually be perfect weather I am sweating up a storm.  I can't walk without wanting to stop and take a breather.  I'm pretty sure this kid is fully grown because I can't seem to move or even sit without a limb poking out of my sides.  I'm asking you dear son if you are ready and bored of sitting in a sack all day I would love for you to come out and play with your big brother.  Not now because you'd be super early, but in 2 weeks when you're full term, that would be fantastic.

Here you are baby alien, yawning because you're so bored of being in there and you were only 20 weeks then.  I couldn't imagine how many times you have twiddled your thumbs now at 35 weeks because of boredom.  Lets get together in 2 weeks and play. Love, Mom

Thursday, April 19, 2012

lets get real for a sec

I understand what I'm about to say may get me blacklisted ( which i don't really even know what that means, but sounds about right). I understand that I may lose some friends over this, but I can't hold it in any more. I hate chick-fila. I hate it and think it has to be the worst chicken sandwiches ever. I much rather have a chicken sandwich from Jack-in-the-box any day. I just don't understand the hype and why people love it. Whenever I tell someone I don't like it, it's almost like I'm speaking another language. People always tell me I'm getting the wrong thing, so the next time I go I get something new and it is still sick. All it is, is some rubbery piece of chicken( grilled or regular) on some flimsy bun. The worst part is all the give you is 2 gross wet pickles. The sandwiches are already pricey, to get a "deluxe" with a piece of lettuce and tomato it's another 2 dollars. The only thing good that has come out of chick-fila is the chick-fila sauce, that's it. I'm sorry if some of you never speak to me again but seriously it's disgusting. One of Joe's biggest flaws his him liking chick-fila, but I'll go with him just for the sauce. There I said it out in the open and I'm not even mad about it. In all seriousness Utah should get a couple Jack-in-the-Boxes instead of building a new chick-fila every 1/2 mile. Period. The end. Thank you.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Always Daddy

Why is it always Daddy you want? Findley don't you remember all the things I have done for you. First got off my body is completely shot. I got fatter and fatter for you just so you would have room in my belly. I gave up Chinese food for you for 9 months. I even gave up chocolate and switched to nerds for you. I don't know why you liked nerds and hated Chinese food but I did it with no complaining. I got up every night when you decided to eat every 2 hours. I know that one Daddy couldn't do anything about that, but still you should give me a little credit for that. I slept uncomfortably for 9 months and would get up every night at least 2 times to go pee. I know Daddy works and it's so exciting when you hear the garage door open and Daddy comes in. It's ok that you cry Daddy's name at night and that you always want to go to him. Just remember that Mommy loves you even if you choose Daddy. Maybe one day you'll realize how much Mommy loves you but until then I guess Daddy well just have to start doing as much as Mommy so maybe your love for us well even out. Just Joking Joe you're cool and do a lot for Finn too:) Love both your faces!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Totally not a Nerd

A couple of months ago my sweet husband brought home about 6 different types of nerds candy. Not because he thinks I'm a nerd but because with my last pregnancy I craved nerds like nobodies business. I would eat the movie size box of nerds almost daily in one sitting and it was amazing. So he thought since i'm pregnant again I would want the same thing (which was nice of him). Then he walked in our bathroom and saw all 3 pregnancy test. The nerd candy then took on a new meaning. He decided I was a huge nerd because I took 3 tests. I would probably still be taking test to this week except my belly is popping and I've heard a heart beat so I'm going to just bank on that, that I'm pregnant. In July Finn is going to be a big brother and he is going to love it, whether he likes it or not, he'll learn.

I wish I lived in the 50's

I always say I wish i lived in the 50's. I know no time is perfect but it seemed so much more innocent then what times are now. Well that's what the movies portray, so it must be true. It seemed like you can walk anywhere, any time and there weren't a million news stories about someone getting killed or attacked. There wasn't internet so, lets be honest, pornography wasn't a click of a button away. You had to go buy magazines and embarrass yourself. There wasn't cell phones and text messaging. People had to actually talk to each other. You couldn't get confused by what you thought somebody meant because you are actually speaking to them face to face. Times just seemed so much more simple and though I love some technology I think I could do without most of it. Also thick,plump,and curvy was the way to be back then. Anorexia, boney, stick straight is the way now. If you got hips like Marilyn, now a days would mean you're over weight. But look at her she's gorgeous and thick and I love it. Yes I was I lived in simpler times where I didn't have to worry every day who's skinner then me, what a certain text message meant, and what's popping up unexpectedly on my soon to be teenagers computer. Maybe one day I won't have to worry or just not care any more....but I doubt it.