Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I wish I lived in the 50's

I always say I wish i lived in the 50's. I know no time is perfect but it seemed so much more innocent then what times are now. Well that's what the movies portray, so it must be true. It seemed like you can walk anywhere, any time and there weren't a million news stories about someone getting killed or attacked. There wasn't internet so, lets be honest, pornography wasn't a click of a button away. You had to go buy magazines and embarrass yourself. There wasn't cell phones and text messaging. People had to actually talk to each other. You couldn't get confused by what you thought somebody meant because you are actually speaking to them face to face. Times just seemed so much more simple and though I love some technology I think I could do without most of it. Also thick,plump,and curvy was the way to be back then. Anorexia, boney, stick straight is the way now. If you got hips like Marilyn, now a days would mean you're over weight. But look at her she's gorgeous and thick and I love it. Yes I was I lived in simpler times where I didn't have to worry every day who's skinner then me, what a certain text message meant, and what's popping up unexpectedly on my soon to be teenagers computer. Maybe one day I won't have to worry or just not care any more....but I doubt it.

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Jake and Kim said...

AMEN. Sidenote- those fifties swimsuits are cute too!