Friday, October 31, 2008

2 vs. 22

Here is my cute little nephew Will ( Stole picture form Jen's blog). Cute Will is allergic to almost everything, and everyone in the family is real careful what to feed him so he doesn't get sick. Last night we had a Halloween party and I was just amazed by Will. If mom said not to eat something he knew it would make him sick and he wouldn't eat it. No fit, no crying... nothing. That was really amazing to me. Maybe it was so amazing because a 2 year old is smart than a 22 year old. Me on the other hand gets sick every time I eat crap, but I can't help it! Recently I have been doing real well in not eating candy or to many sweets and my stomach has been loving life. But then when I get around to many sweets I am like a fat kid inside and binge on the treats. And last night I didn't even binge I had 1 piece of cake and a " fun size" ( I put fun size in quotes because everyone knows fun size candy is too small to be fun) box of nerds and my stomach starts to kick in. I knew it was going to make me sick, but I did it anyways. I just don't understand that Will knows don't touch the fire it's hot and I can't understand that even getting to close to the fire well burn me. Jen and Dave you got 1 smart 2 year old! I don't know why I eat treats because my stomach really does go into the worst pain I have ever felt. My whole body gets goose bumps and it's like and the badness is just stirring up inside of me. I hate it and I wish I learned at 2 what is OK and not OK to eat.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fantasy (fill in the blank sport)

Just putting it out there I hate fantasy sports. I hate how much they consumer your life and how much silence they bring to the home. I hate that when one season is almost over another season starts. I hate the time that is put into fantasy sports: drafting, trading, score checking, stat keeping. I'm grateful for TIVO because with out that I think I would shoot myself in the foot to get out of watching sports 7 days a week.Yes I do hate fantasy sports, but I do still love you hunny.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spooooky Nights...

Joe loves saying spooky around Halloween time. Every thing we do has to be extra spooooky( in a ghost voice) On Friday after soccer and dinner we decided to carve pumpkins. I haven't carved pumpkins for about 5 years probably. So I was really excited until we started, then I remembered how we have to clean it and trace it and punch it out. It;s serious business carving a pumpkin. I carved a cute little goblin/monster/something scary and Joe took a good 3 hours to carve Homer J. You can't see them very good but there their Homer and his goblin.
On Saturday we had the normal afternoon routine of Football and laundry. Saturday night though we had a costume party at Courtney and Josh's. Everyone had to come as a Hollywood couple real or fictional and everyone did such a great job. Halloween these days isn't about scary costumes it's about slutty costume, and it makes me kinda sick what some girls(and boy but mostly girls) wear for Halloween. it's like an excuse to walk around in your underwear. So it was a lot of fun getting together with some funny ( not slutty) costumes and having some good dinner and games. I don't know why but I'm pretty sure we laughed the whole night. I would quote some of the things said there but you know it just isn't as funny if you weren't there so I'll spare you the many quotes. We bobbed for some apples and a yam to our surprise. But the girls weren't very good at it, except Breanna she was the only girl that got the apple before Scotty. Maybe next Scotty if you put your purse down and bob like a real man you could have beaten her. We also played spoons, but to keep in the Halloween spirit we played with little pumpkins instead. Guess what I won! That's right I never win at things but I totally smoked everyone. Good thing to Joe was the first out so I had to bring our game credibility back up. It was the funnest night I have had in a while. I think even when Halloween is over we should still have costume dinners.
Josh and Courtney has Lloyd Christmas and Harry from Dumb and Dumber

Scotty and Breanna as Batman and Cat women

Matt and Brooke as Steve and Terry Irwin

Chris and Bre as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

Joe and I as Michael Jackson and a small boy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Men Are From mars Women Are From Venus

I have been thinking a lot lately how different me and women are. I can't believe that 2 objects so different can connect so well( most of the time). When your dating most girls well be totally fine and contempt with just being with her boyfriend all day everyday and can be happy. But the boys, they can't do that they are just fine seeing their girlfriend a couple hours and the off to boy time. Girls want to talk, about anything, boys want to do anything besides talking. Since I have been married talking is like my sex. As long as Joe and I are talking I feel like were doing alright and that things are just fine between us. But if for some reason Joe doesn't want to talk then i think something might be wrong. Well guess what nothings wrong he is just perfectly fine sitting next to me and is just as happy being quite as he is talking ( probably even more happy). When it's time to get married girls have it in their heads that this is going to be great, you can be together every hour your not working. It's even better than dating because you live together. Boys see it as the same thing as dating, now your married the only difference is you throw sex into the mix( well for some people that's the only difference). I was just thinking about the first couple months Joe and I were married and I was a nut. Joe wants' to play games with his brothers until 6 in the morning... WHAT!! that is ridiculous he should want to be with me, our marriage is doomed. Joe wants to play soccer on Friday night when that's our date night, obviously a 40 minute games means that takes up our whole night and there is no time for just him and me. I swear any time Joe wanted to do something that didn't 100% involve me I thought our marriage was done and he was already sick of me. Then a couple months pass and I slowly start to realize that Joe loves me just as much when he plays soccer, or plays games, or just has a boys sports night( probably loves me a little more if I don't give him a hard time). SO if your planning on getting married any time soon, girls go into the marriage like a boy and their well be a lot less contention. Your significant other ( i hate that term) loves you that's why your getting married even if he wants to play soccer 3 nights a week. It's just funny looking back and seeing how irrational I was and how much happier we are now, now that I'm not completely crazy. So first stop tonight on date night soccer game and then off to pumpkin carving!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Doing You a Favor

This is the funniest thing ever! Well at least I think it is you should still watch it...Thanks Heidi for the e-mail

Monday, October 20, 2008

If Your Stressed Then Let It Go

I am the most stressed person ever and I don't really know why. I think I worry to much about everything and everyone even if i don't know them, or something that I probably just make worse in my head. Last night I relly felt like I was sufficaitng because I realized that I had to go to school and work today. I feel like I don't have enough hours in the day to finish everything. I have more than enough hours and don't even have that much to do. School isn't really that hard, I just wish I was done and didn't have to go. Poor Joe gets to see these episodes a little to often, but he always knocks some sense into me, or just laughs at me. I actually like it when he laughs because I see how ridiculous I'm being and laugh too ( even though I try not to just to show him I'm serious). Good thing were waiting to have kids because if I had some now I don't know how I would handle that with school and work. My life isn't that busy but in my head I am like the busiest person in the world. I worry about every little thing for no reason. While in DC we were talking to a guy while waiting for our shuttle. He was saying how he was homeless for 5 years and lived at Union Station( just a metro stop). He now is a chef but before or after work he goes down to Union Station just to talk to the other homeless people. I thought that was really awesome of him to still go and visit people were he once was at. He was homeless for 5 years... NO HOME NO MONEY NOTHING in DC in the winter, which I hear is colder than Utah. He didn't like being homeless but he was fine with it and survived. He said it wasn't that bad if you know how to survive... What am I so stressed about? I have a home, money, I'm healthy, food, a car, a husband, money to get me through college and way more than that guy had in 5 years yet I seem to have a panic attack at the very thought of anything. Wow I suck real bad. I have a good life and apologize to Joe for my many panic attacks and thank him for showing me that I don't have a hard life at all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Heart DC

I heart everything about DC from the pleasant sound in the metro, to the historical sites. DC has everything, the exciting motorcades, the serious secret service, the friendly bums, the beautiful buildings, I could seriously live there and be in awe everyday. We just got back from DC yesterday and it was amazing. Joe and I went in April of this year as well and this time we saw all new things. I'm sure each time we go I could see new and different things that I missed this trip and last trip. I'm not a very political person and don't know to much, unlike my sister-in-law Jen( she is a machine and I wish I knew as much as she did), but I am just in complete amazement of DC. This time we got to go in the west wing of the White House and we saw a Marine 1 departure with the President. It was really the coolest thing I have ever seen. While we were there we saw some museums and just so happen at one museum Lara Bush and Silvio Berlusconi ( Prime Minister of Italy) were there. We saw them pull up and Dave made some comment to Berlusconi, Lara Bush waved at me... just joking Jen she waved at Jen but I like to think that I intercepted that wave. It was pretty amazing seeing them up close. While we were there we went to a museum with all the Presidents portraits and they had a section about the Assassination of Lincoln( or as Joe and Dave call him, Beardy). I just can't imagine people killing a president. While I watched Bush get on Marine 1 no matter how much you don't like his presidency how could any one just kill him, that just doesn't make sense to me. During the west wing tour on the way to the Oval Office there is a hallway of pictures capturing Bush just as he is. And they are some amazing pictures, fishing with his dogs and doing some yard work and he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he just has the kindest face I think and just don't see why or how people could hate an individual so much that it would drive them to murder.
Anyways I am going to be one of those wives for a second and say how awesome my husband is. Joe is just like Steve Martin on Baby Mama( not the awkward part) because he is one of those people that has just done everything. Hopefully he'll want to do things again so I can enjoy the adventures he has already been on. Joe has taken the last desert from the Ambassador of Peru, has interned at the white house, has traveled just about every where and he is still going. Thanks to his experiences it allowed me and Dave and Jen to experience some things that not everyone can do. I am a little jealous of him because I don't have nearly as exciting stories as he does, but hopefully i can accumulate some throughout our marriage.
Here are just a couple of pics from DC....

Joe and Tim ( who took us on the West Wing tour) were interns together and now Tim works at the White House. Thanks Tim for the awesome tour. Joe and Tim in front of the White House

Just hanging out in the rose garden at the White House.

In front of the Capital

Joe, me, Dave, Jen at Arlington Cemetery where we saw JFK's grave site and changing of the guards.
No the brightest picture but this is Iwo Jima, it is really amazing to see in person.

In front of the Oval office, Thanks Joyce for the Marine 1 departure. The guard in front of the doors means the President is in the office.

Marine 1, it got a little windy, and by a little I mean a lot when the helicopter landed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SO ready for vacation

This week and last week have been a nightmare. I have had midterms all week ( one which had an impossible study guide). Yesterday i took my last one and I'm so excited it's done. I went and got the best pedicure ever! I'm not sure if she was just really good, or if it was just a much needed pedicure, either way it was the best one I have ever had. Joe and I don't' really see each other during the week so it well be nice to have a week together. It used to be perfect because I work Tuesday and Thursday nights and those were the nights we took the boys ( he does like a big brother thing) out but now it has changed. One of the boys can't go out those nights so now Joe and I get to work different nights and see each other just in time for bed. I guess well make it through it, you gotta do what you gotta do. But yes I am so excited for DC the other day I was looking up the PotBelly's website and just thinking about their sandwiches and cookies...mmmmmmm! I have been counting down the days all week, we're at 3 days! Even if we were just going down the street to a hotel I would be happy so get so lazy time in.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You don' need to yell this isn't a train station it's a small car

I am my dad's daughter... I love movies. Growing up and still to this day my family would always go a see movies, sometimes even two in a row. I could seriously go to a movie theater all day, I love it. I don't know why but i do. This weekend was a total movie weekend. On Friday night Joe and I went with Brock and Nicole to see " Nick and Norah's Infinite Play List" and I loved it! I love I thought it was I love the boy in it( but I don't know his name). The movie is just real dry and witty humorhilarious, I could see it again! After we saw that then we went up to Park city ate some amazing BBQ chicken pizza and went off to Brock's cabin. Once again we watched "Baby Mama". Yeah it's my 5th time and it's just as funny as the first time. Maybe even funnier because I find new things in it. Granite this time I did doze on and off ( only because I was tired) it is still hilarious. If you haven't' seen it you should sit down with some Rhodes cinnamon rolls and have yourself an amazing night. The next day we went back to the theaters and say " Forever Strong". It's about Highland Rugby which is a high school Rugby team in Utah. It was a way good movie, a little emotional ( maybe I cried I'm not sure though). But yes this weekend was like the best weekend ever. I love movies and even more than just movies I love going to a movie theater. Maybe one day in about 50 years I'll get a movie theater in my house and then my life would be complete.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Be Real

SO I have been watching TV quite a lot since all the new season have been on and I see the same thing on TV over and over. This week is "NATIONAL STAY AT HOME WEEK". I don't know about you but I haven't stayed at home all week. If it is so national shouldn't we get school off and get work paid for? I think so! Besides that I haven't been too impressed with any of my shows so far... until last night!

Have you seen this show? Private Practice was amazing! I started last season after i refused to watch it because I wanted Addison to stay on Grey's, but I do have to say I love private practice. It was so good, i smiled like a giddy school girl after watching it and told Joe that i wish it was one long episode that lasted all season and never ended! SO after (not total disappointment) some disappointment I am so glad that I had Private Practice last night!

Besides Private Practice I have another new love. So one night ( surprise surprise) I was craving a treat and I reall wanted ice cream. Well ice cream as we know makes me sick but I usually just suck it up. Well this time Joe said no I can't get it and we stumbled upon some cinnamon rolls. I lvoe them they are warm adn gushy and amazing. I have now gotten them every time I go to the store ( not to healthy for the tummy appearence) but I am a treat aholic and love treats and I recommend these to everyone who ever has lived even if I dis-like you.

Another thing that makes me a giddy school girl is this song. It is just the happiest song ever. No matter what kind of mood I'm in if this song comes on I just have to dance and sing. I was on the train today and this song came on and my shoulders started bouncing and lips started moving. It is just the most fun song ever!