Saturday, October 9, 2010

to my baby Finn

Dear Findley-
Today you are one week old and that makes me sad a little bit. I want you to stay a baby forever and love me and your daddy forever. I love that every time we want to take a picture of you you look to the side. I love how you squeeze me finger and won't let go. I secretly love how you cry when other people hold you but as soon as you come to mom you settle right down. I love when you just stare at daddy when he talks. I don't love how you have made me an emotional wreck. I'm pretty sure I cry almost every day and at nothing. Daddy may start to think I'm crazy but I'm sure that well go away. You have made me a paranoid freak. I don't think I'll ever get a full nights rest because even when you sleep I wake up a little bit before you every time because I'm worried about something. You have me on a clock, but you're totally worth it.Mommy and Daddy are obsessed with your little feet. They are the most perfect feet ever. They are both Mommy and Daddy's feet. You have the tank toes from Daddy and of course a nice webbed toe from Mommy. Your calves are pretty amazing and strong. I think it's hilarious when I change your diaper and not more than 10 seconds later you have gone again. I'm glad you finally peed when I was changing you. I'm even more glad that it shot up over your face and hit the wall, nothing worse than pee in your face (I'd imagine). I love that you sneeze 3 times every time you sneeze like Daddy. Daddy and I are completely content with just looking at you all day and the faces you make. Your stretches and yawns are our most favorite thing to watch you do. I would really like it if you stayed little but I know you can't. We love you more than we could ever imagine and love that your in our lives forever. We love you little Finn.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dream Vacation

As the baby due date was getting closer ( October 13th) I knew that Joe and I needed one last get away. Nothing to extravagant but just a nice hotel and some dinner. So on Friday October 1st I started thinking about this vacation and how I was going to surprise Joe. I was watching my nieces and as we were walking to the park I was getting so excited! In fact I was so excited I may have peed my pants a little around 2:14. We decided not to walk back home so I had Scotty pick us up from the park. Once I got home I called Joe and told him to come home, so he did and we left for our dream vacation. He arrived at this huge "hotel" around 5pm and checked in. The rooms were oh so nice. They had a nice little bed, exercise equipment in our room, huge flat screen, a couch that folds into a bed oh it was a dream. As the night went on we got tired so we tried falling asleep. Joe I think was more successful then me but I just wasn't feeling the best. Around 1:53 am the hotel had a personal masseuse come into our room and release some pressure for me. At 1:59am the pressure was gone and Joe and I received the most perfect souvenir ever for our last night as Joe & Tori.

I told you I peed my pants a little thinking about our vacation. Unfortunately it just kept coming out.

Our most comfortable room. It was weird they wouldn't have a bed that fit both of us.

The fancy exercise equipment that I had to get on right away.

The greatest souvenir I have ever gotten from Vacation.
Findley Jon Coocimiglio
7lbs. 3oz. 20in.

On our way home with perfection

Our first family photo with the 2 loves of my life