Friday, February 24, 2012

Always Daddy

Why is it always Daddy you want? Findley don't you remember all the things I have done for you. First got off my body is completely shot. I got fatter and fatter for you just so you would have room in my belly. I gave up Chinese food for you for 9 months. I even gave up chocolate and switched to nerds for you. I don't know why you liked nerds and hated Chinese food but I did it with no complaining. I got up every night when you decided to eat every 2 hours. I know that one Daddy couldn't do anything about that, but still you should give me a little credit for that. I slept uncomfortably for 9 months and would get up every night at least 2 times to go pee. I know Daddy works and it's so exciting when you hear the garage door open and Daddy comes in. It's ok that you cry Daddy's name at night and that you always want to go to him. Just remember that Mommy loves you even if you choose Daddy. Maybe one day you'll realize how much Mommy loves you but until then I guess Daddy well just have to start doing as much as Mommy so maybe your love for us well even out. Just Joking Joe you're cool and do a lot for Finn too:) Love both your faces!