Monday, July 27, 2009

Tyler's selling Chairs

chairs for sale

They retailed at 800 a piece and i will sale them for 250 a piece they are really nice come see them if you are interested. dark wood and wicker with leather. If your interested leave a comment on her blog to get a hold of her...

Friday, July 17, 2009

So Far....

so good. I made it to Columbus after a long day of flying. It took 4 1/2 hours to Philadelphia and then I had to back track to Ohio but that was only an hour. And what is up with US Airways showing no movies on such a long flight, that sucked real bad. As for Ohio though it was been real pleasant. My cousin's wife Liz told me how Ohio has the nicest people ever and she was totally right. Last night Joe and I made our first stop to eat at Potbelly's. We go there every day we visit DC and Columbus has one not far from the hotel so we of course went. And the manager there was so nice he was telling us what to go see and on top of that gave us a free milkshake! You may think of course he did because Joe always gets free stuff, but Joe doesn't get everything every time. Usually he gets more when I'm not with him because I get to embarrassed but this time the manager gave us a yummy free Oreo milkshake and it was the perfect ending to a yummy sandwich. Today it's a toss up between a movie and the Afro-American museum hmmmm?
P.S. I love the dream bars from Potbelly's and have always wanted to make them but I could never find the secret recipe. Well now on the back of the package it gives all the ingredients so all I have to figure out is how to put them together to make a little piece of heaven.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Really... Ohio?

So the next 2 weeks are gunna suck. Joe is in Ohio for some training and I have to visit him in Ohio. Visiting him well be great because we haven't seen each other in like a week, but really? in Ohio. What am I going to do while Joe is in meetings all day. Good news though they do have a pool, bad news is it's inside, good news Potbelly's well be eaten everyday! So I am going to have to use my creative juices to figure out something to do the 4 days I am there. Right now however I am in beautiful California with my family. I just think my family is the oddest bunch of people. Each one of us are different but some how when we all get together there is a lot of laughing. I'd say the only similarities are that the girls have about just as big as a sweet tooth as my dad, we could eat sweets all night long even if it made us sick the next day. The first night here we played dominoes for about 4 hours and it was quit funny. I am really really good at that game ( if getting 114 points in one round is good). Playing games though with the fam is always a good time with laughter and lots and lots of teasing. The reason I came down was for my sister-in-laws baptism. It was a great day on Sunday with all the family and we are so happy for Emily and Jakob. I don't get to see the family that often, but am glad I was able to come down for a couple days while Joe was away. Plus laying by the pool in 90 degree weather and reading is way better than not doing that at all. So I'm off to Ohio in the morning can't wait for all the hot sunny days there to just lay by the pool... except not lay by the pool because indoor pools suck really really bad. Can't wait to see the hubby!