Saturday, May 31, 2008


I know what some of you may be thinking.. it's Saturday? Tori doesn't blog on Saturdays because she only blogs during her busy work days. Well I have news for you I'm at work on a Saturday and it's not my most favorite thing. But I guess I'll take 1 Saturday every 2 months over every Saturday. So it's true I'm at work this isn't an impostor writing on my blog or anything it is in fact me.

Last night we went up Mill Creek and had a little BBQ and campfire. It was such a nice night. Not too cold, even though I was cold that doesn't say much because I'm always cold. But Joe said it was a nice night. Matt brought up his grill and we grilled some chicken, screwers and some hot dogs. I haven't had a grilled hot dog in a long long time and it was real delicious. Summer time is defiantly for campfire and smores. Courtney brought Ghirardelli carmel chocolates for the smores. They were the tastes high class smores I have ever had. You can't go wrong with Ghirardelli carmel chocolates. There was a wedding across the street and we were pretty sure it was a karaoke wedding because we heard some of the worst versions of, "In this Moment", "Save the Last Dance" and " Sweet Caroline" and so many more songs. Songs you don't think you could mess up, yup the were defiantly messed up. Until last night I always thought I was the worst singer, I now know I'm not thanks to our friends at the wedding.

Well it's supposed to be a beautiful day today. So if you're reading this blog on Saturday you should be outside and not inside on the computer. I'm stuck at work so I have an excuse for being on the computer all day. But if you are reading this on Saturday then you should update your blog too so I can have something to read today!

* the manly men

* Just about the cutest dog ever!

* Court, me and Brooke

* Yup, that's it the wonderful carmel smore!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

California Love

So we just got back from California on Tuesday and it was great. I haven't been home since our wedding so I was very happy to go home. We got to go out and eat with Jack and Chase which is always fun because talking on the phone just isn't as great as seeing them in person. We did the normal Conkling activities: Movies, eating out, some game playing, spa and some more movies. This time something new was thrown into the mix.

On Sunday we went over to Jakob and Emily's house for some dinner. We were just sitting around talking and eating and then Jakob pulls out the Wii and not just an game but the Wii fit. If you have a Wii and don't have the Wii fit i highly recommend getting it. Now I'm not very good at normal Wii games like bowling, or anything having to do with throwing a ball at something. My family can agree on that because we played another game kinda like janga and some how my ball always ended hitting the ground. But back to the Wii fit it's all about your balance and strength, you can do yoga, tight rope walking, skiing, head butt soccer balls, push ups and oh so much more. Not only is it amazing but pretty entertaining to watch. Ximmer was doing the hula hoop game and just swinging his hips back and forth trying to keep the hula hoops up. Yep it was a great day when I was introduced to the Wii fit and I was so happy to be back at home for a little bit.

Joe gets golf clubs, I get Wii and Wii fit right? I think this is how the marriage thing works? If not then this is how it should work.

* Possibly the 2 greatest people ever ( besides me and Joe of course)

* Xim's shaking it hula hoop style on the Wii
* Mom practicing her long jump skills

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not so much

So around Christmas time I decided to try out scrap booking. I thought it would be really neat to do a book for each year. Well it's now almost June and I have done about 3 pages. I'm just not that creative and it takes up so much time! For our wedding and honeymoon I did a photo book on shutterfly and they were quick and easy. All you had to do was drag picture here and choose a background. I am so far behind on this year's pictures that I have given up and have resorted back to shutterfly. I have started tonight and am all done with all the pictures I have so far. How great is digital? Yep so I envy all of you great scrapbookers but I think I'll be just fine me and my computer.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Mama

My mom came down this weekend and we had oh so much fun! It was sorta like our Mother's Day for me and Tyler since we couldn't be in California for it. On Saturday we started with yummy yummy citrus grill breakfast and then off to Ethan's soccer game. After the soccer game we got some manicures and pedicures which I got a fabulous bright purple for the summer on my toes and I think leg massages are just about the greatest thing ever. We then saw Baby Mama and you may think it looks dumb but it was so funny! We laughed the whole time with the witty little comments that they make in the movie. After the movie we had a good dinner at Paradise bakery and then we were spent.

On Sunday I made dinner and dessert for my mom over at Tyler's. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. We played Battle of the Sexes once the kids were in bed and Jeff knows to many things about girls for comfort.

I love that my mom came down even if it was only for a weekend. Good news is Joe and I are going to California next weekend for Memorial day, so I get to see my family again! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wide Turn

I have come to a conclusion that I am A. the most clumsiest person and B. I am going to die from running into something have it be a knife or a desk. Every day ( and I'm not exaggerating) while at work I run into the desk corner. Getting up and leaving my desk my turns are just not wide enough and the corner gets me in the hip every time. Sometimes while walking I get an occasional hand slap against the wall.

So why have I come to the conclusion that this is important enough for every one to read? Well today topped it all. There I am just getting ready for work in the bathroom. I some how can't make the band aid wrapper ( which was needed for catching my thumb in the cheese grater) in the trash, 2ft in front of me. So I bend down pick up the trash turn my face and WHAM!! My nose goes right into the door frame. I didn't even think I was moving that fast but it was fast enough to knock me onto the floor and automatic tears. I heard the crack and everything and I for sure thought me nose was now on the left side of my face. Luckily it's not completely broken just a little bruising, but has left me with dizziness and headaches today.

I don't understand how I can hit my nose into the door frame or run into a desk everyday. So I'm thinking I need to baby proof my house even though no babies are coming. I have come to decided my turns need to get a little wider or sooner rather than later I'll end in the hospital with a concussion or some sort of broken bone.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Robino and Chrissy

I think I could possible have the 2 greatest parents ever. Yesterday just talking on the phone with them was so great. I miss that I don't live closer to them. Plus my poor mom lives with all boys and every one knows boys don't help nearly as much as girls. My mom is the hardest worker I know. She always has a cool head and never gets to upset at anything. She has been such an amazing example to me growing up and I wish I could be more like her.

I wasn't going to admit this ( but I'm sitting here eating Good and Plenty's so I thought it'd be an appropriate time) but the other night Joe and I decided I am my dad through and through. You may ask what does Good and Plenty's have to do with it but I got my appetite from my dad and he loves Good and Plenty's. Not that it's a bad thing but I wish I was more care free like my mom. Sometimes I may get a little irrational and jump to conclusions but its not my fault it's in my genes. I love going to the movies in the theaters just like my dad. I could probably go just about every other night if it wasn't so expensive. I always made fun of my dad when he'd ask someone where they were from and then immediately ask if they knew so and so. Sadly I have begun to do it but not as much it's just a matter of time before it gets bad. I have the sweetest sweet tooth just like my dad. All I'm saying is if I gain about 20 pounds it's due to my dad.

Growing up I always told myself I would never be like my parents. But I don't think anyone can avoid it. I think I'm a mixture of the two about 90% dad 10% mom. Not a very even mixture but I'm there. I love those 2!

Friday, May 9, 2008

For Reals

I know how not less then 24 hours ago I swore that I would never change my background again. But it was bugging me so bad with losing all the friends and pictures I just had to figure something out. I somehow upgraded my template and everything miraculously came back! It was amazing. The only weird thing is that I can change all my colors except my text color. It wouldn't change for the life of me. So again I had to change the text one by one, so i for reals am never changing backgrounds again ( unless the background goes with brown of course). Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Never Again

Never again well i change my blog. Not only did it take about an hour to figure out how to put the background on but once I finally did I couldn't figure out how to change the text color. So I went one by one changing it and that took forever. Plus now I don't have my friends list nor do I know how to get it back. I don't know how to change my header back to a picture either... Geesh I'm a mess and all this for a background. How do I get my picture and everything back?

White Trash

Now that I'm done with school on Monday's and Wednesday's I find a lot of free time since I don't have work until 4. So I do the normal morning things gym, clean house, shower, lunch and then right around 1 o'clock is when my morning routine stops. I find myself on the couch watching some good ol day time TV ( which by the way is the worst thing ever invented). Since we only have about 4 channels Maury is my pick of the afternoon. How white trash are these shows. P.S. couldn't find any pics of Maury so Ricki Lake was next. Seriously for some reason if I faked sick when I was a kid or was home during the day I would watch Ricki or Jenny Jones or Montell. Why do these shows exist? Day 1 on Maury was paternity test. It was about the 3rd or 4th time the girls have been on the show and about the 6th guy they have tested for their baby's daddy. How said is that. It always ends in the guy not being the father and the girls running of the stage hysterical and the best is the " over the break" clip. Day 2 on Maury was revealing secrets, either your not his daddy or I cheated on you with your sister and other classy discussions. I seriously am white trash and it's like a bad accident you just can't stop looking. Every Monday and Wednesday I hope for something else to be on TV during that time but it's always Maury or of course the 7 different types of judge shows. We now have Judge Alex, Judge Christine, Judge Judy some other judge, by the way how sad is it that I know these. So I admit it, I'm stuck on smut TV and I think it spawned when I was little, faking sick all those times. So if your kids ever say there sick make them go to school or they may end up 15 years later still watching dirty talk shows that may make them dummer by each show they watch.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dates All Over the Place

Friday night Joe and I, Josh and Court and Daniel and Caitlin went to Z Pizzeria. If you haven't' been you should you get a huge personal pizza, with salad and a drink for only 7 dollars I know amazing right! After that we went to Court's and played dirty minds. If you haven't played you should because it's hilarious. I think you have to play with the right people though because some may not think it's funny. a word is described to you using sexual content and you have to guess what it is. Of course the girls won because I think our maturity is just a little higher then the guys. Considering after every clue they giggled like school girls.

Saturday Joe and I had a very nice day with a run in the morning, golf in the afternoon followed by visiting Carly for a little bit. Now that Joe has seen Carly's room he agrees it's just a little bigger than our condo. After wards we went to a Real Salt Lake game vs. LA Galaxy. The game was so much fun ( and not only because David Beckham was there and so happened to take his shirt off at the end). It was one of the most eventful Real games I've been too. Plus it was a beautiful night and great 6th row seats. I never really knew what bend it like Beckham meant until I saw his 2 goal. They were unreal. One hit the side post of the goal just right to go in. Joe is right there with David Beckham I think... Bend it like Beckham more like Chip it like Coccimiglio.

And then the movie came... I don't understand why I can't stay awake during movies. I used to be solid at staying awake. And now when it's as soon as I hit the couch I am out! I am just tired all the time no matte how much sleep I get. The only way I can stay awake through a movie is if I sit straight up and move around every now and then I may stay awake. I'm hoping since I don't have school right now I may have more energy at night time. Well see?

* Girl's smoking the guys, we got DIRTY
* More on the femine side
* At the Real game

Thursday, May 1, 2008

GiRl TiMe

Yesterday we had a bridal shower for Carly ( sorry I don't have any pictures up I have to blog at work thanks to the no Internet at home). It was so much fun and I just love girl time. We had it up at the hospital and let me tell you Carly's room is just a little bigger than our condo. I love just sitting around and jumping from one conversation to another. I love that everyone gets a long and it's just so comfortable. Court and Brooke and Stacey did a great job on the food with finger sandwiches ( I think that's what there called) fruits and veggies and salad. We also had cute little tea cups and tea because Carly's always wanted a tea party. Courtney made this strawberry dip that is to die for. Seriously if you eat to much I think it does stop your heart beat. It's made with that mallow puff stuff and cream cheese and I could just eat spoonfuls of it! Yes girl time is a great thing to have. It's kinda therapeutic too. When talking to every one I realize that all marriages are quite similar in some aspects; our homes are always dirty, husbands talk about sex way more than you'd think, husbands make it sound like you have sex everyday ( which the wives laugh about) and so much more. OK so Joe and I had this conversation that after I run I feel fatter, not feel look fatter. I feel great but I think after running it loosens up the stomach area and gets all giggly. Joe thought I was crazy so of course I brought it up in conversation at the shower and they agreed! Courtney says the same thing happens to her. I went home to let Joe know I wasn't the only one that thought that and he just said now he can make fun of me and Courtney. I just love girl time.