Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my first blog

This is my first blog suckas!!!! WHAT WHAT!!!!
love Joe

Why am I cold?

I did have a real good post but Joe claimed it was mean just because I mentioned his California (not Cali) impersonation. So here is the more polite version...

I'm really confused as to why I am cold. Yesterday was what... 80 degrees and today is not quite as warm. It is now going into May there should be blue skies, not gray and a sun out, not rain clouds. This morning Joe and I went running at 6 and it was perfect, warm not real windy, so I thought to myself, Self I'm not going to bring a jacket today because it is going to be just gorgeous! Wrong I have been freezing ever since I have been at work. I even plugged in a little heater for about 5 minutes because after that it starts beeping ( much like the trax) because it gets overheated. So I have to get warm in shifts. I don't know how much more I can handle being cold for. We may just have to move somewhere where it's warm all year long. I don't know like California...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Too Close for Comfort

So Joe and I went to Mesquite this weekend and it was great! It was about 80 degrees and nothing better then smelling like smoke at the end of the day. We saw Juno, which if you haven't seen it, it is a must! So Saturday afternoon after laying out by the pool Joe and I go back to the room and I get a phone call from my dad. Now my dad is a little over dramatic and makes the situation sound a lot worse then it was. This is how the phone call starts... Ximmer got a in a car accident last night, flipped his car going 100 mph 3-4 times and split a tree in half. Now pause from the story and let me remind you I have gotten too many of these phone calls in high school ending in and he died. So I of course think worse and Ximmer is dead and tears startcoming to my eyes. Ok continue my dad goes on and says they were trying to jump a dip and got a little higher then they wanted and Ximmer knew he was in trouble. His friends climbed out of the back window and walked to someones house to call the hospital. Now looking at these pictures make me sick because it looks like they should have been dead( the car was actually upside down). There were 3 of them and one guy broke his neck but amazingly isn't paralyzed and should be out of the neck brace in 3 months. I am so thankful that they are still alive!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finals... Shminals?

So all day today I have done a paper, I have just finished and was moving on to study for final number 1 until I realized that I need to pace myself or I may have a heart attack. This weekend I should be studying all weekend but Joe decided to go on another mini-vaca. Joe and his vacations, honestly we just got back from DC 2 weeks ago. This time were just taking a short little drive to Mesquite. I know Mesquite I didn't know people vacationed there either but apparently they do. It should be about 80 degrees so that well be a nice change from these snowy days in Salt Lake. Thanks to Heather we got a room for $50 a night with $10 per night/ per person food passes and 3 free games a bowling a night! Yeah I know you can't beat it. It's not like we're bored of Salt Lake but there is only so much you can do. And instead of trying a new restaurant or something Joe rather try a new hotel. A little more pricey than food, but who needs to save money right? Joe is now graduated ( well not really because he didn't apply) so he really now has all the time in the world. Which means if you see us on the streets because we spent all our money on vacations just remember that we would help you. So i''l try to go with Joe's approach more vacation and finals? more like shminals?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend of Love

So i tried uploading pictures from this weekend but I was unable to do so. I'm sure Courtney's blog has some pictures form this weekend so if you want to see what we did this weekend just look at hers. This weekend made me realize a lot of little things I love.

I love going on group dates and just talking about nonsense, I love that when I start laughing everyone stops and waits for a snort ( I usually with hold from giving them one), I love that people think I can't hear them when I start laughing, I love my girl gossip sessions and then having someone end it with " but she means well", I love having girl days of shopping, I love Joe's farmer tan from golf, I love having dinner parties, I love falling asleep on the couch because Joe and I are too lazy to walk 10 feet, and I love when Joe grabs my hand every time we walk down the stairs.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend of Weddings!

Besides this weekend just being oh so amazing weather Joe and I had a fun field Saturday of weddings. Carly and Wattsie got married! We were so excited we could be there. The sealing was beautiful and the lunch-in couldn't have gone better. Everything pulled together quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Wattsie's toast had so much love in it just thinking of it makes me wanna tear up. I'm so glad that they can finally be married because playing the newlywed game while they were engaged isn't nearly as fun as playing when you're married.

After all morning and after noon with them we drove on up to Layton for my cousins reception. I'm so glad we got to go because I love seeing her and my uncle Bob and Aunt Sue were there too and they are always so fun to see! Kelsey I think is an all star bride. Some of her pictures were taken in a river somewhere. Not just by a river but IN a river wedding dress and all. Laying down in the water and everything they were gorgeous. It made me want to get in my wedding dress and jump in a lake.

* Carly and Wattsie fresh out of the temple!

* All the boys at the temple

* The married women, I'm glad Carly finally has joined!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chirp, Chirp

I'm not sure if that's how you spell chirp but what I'm going for is a bird sound effect. The past 2 mornings I have woken up to birds singing their little hearts out, and I love it! This can only mean one thing that spring maybe finally here. Today not a cloud in the sky and the sun is out and tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 60's that's amazing. I can finally let my mom know it is no longer snowing ( since she always loves telling me how it is 70 degrees at night in CA). So today so far has started off great waking up to spring little birdies until...

I opened up my yahoo and there is is big letters MICHAEL JOHNS GETS VOTED OFF! Are you serious? People Kristy Lee cook ( or fungus is what we call her down here at the Marriott) needs to go. If I were her I would feel so bad that my suckiness is getting other people voted off. This is all very sad because he was by far one of my faves. Well another week of Idol another disappointment but at least the Office is back right?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why the Beeping?

I just can't handle it that horrible repeating sound I get to hear everyday on trax. If you have ever ridden the trax you know exactly what I mean. The doors open and the high pitch beeping begins. In DC there is a nice " ding dong" sound when the doors to the metro open and close. Even New York has a not so irritating sound when the doors open and close in the subway. I try turning up my IPOD so it drowns it out but it doesn't work. If you have never noticed it,good for you, don't start to notice it because it could just drive you crazy.
Another thing, you know how when you go in an elevator and the door gets ready to close and you stick an arm out to keep it open, well don't ever try that in the subways in New York because you may lose an arm. There we are almost at the airport in New York and Joe tells me that the next stop we get off so of course next stop doors open i walk half way out and Joe stops to look at the map just to make sure. Well while he is safe in the train I am standing half in the subway and half out. Then here come the doors they start to close but I'm not worried because they should sense that I am in the doorway, but they keep on closing. Before I know I am yelling Joes name and am now stuck in between the doors. Yep that's right smashed right in the middle like an Oreo. Joe had to pull the doors open, luckily I am still one piece today!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DC & NY Highlights

So we just got back this morning from New York. Our flights was at 6:50AM and since we took the subway from Harlem we left at 3AM, so I may be a little delirious. No time for catching up on my sleep though it's straight to work and school for me today. If none of this makes since then I may still be asleep. Lets start with Joe's genius idea of making one flight into two. Our flight was from SLC with a layover in DC and then off to NY. Well since we wanted to stay in DC once we got to the airport Joe just told Delta that we weren't going to make our connection and was wondering if we could take it on Saturday. And it worked, I admit I doubted but of course it worked. So we made it to DC Thursday around 4.

April 3rd- From the airport got onto the metro and went straight to our hotel. We weren't in DC for very long and we had a lot to see so we dropped off our stuff bundled up ( since it was raining) and off we went. First stop Potbelly's ( we ate there every day). It's Joe's favorite and I didn't love it on day one but day to it was to die for. We then walked and walked in the rain and say the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the refelcting pool, WW2 Memorail and Vietnam War memorial. That took about 3 hours of straight rain and the unberalla ddin't help because it was windy so we were soaked head to toe but it was worth it.

April 4th- Left the hotel at 9AM to go walk around Joe's old office and the we had an east wing tour of teh white house. I've decided if I ever lived there, there would be some redecorating because it is so old fashion, but really neat to see everything. Then of course a quick stop at Potbelly's and some mroe walking. We say some measums, FDR Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorail and beautiful cherry blossoms. Around 5 o'clock i turned from a 22 year olf to about a 60 year odl ebcause my feet and back could no longer hold me up, I was so tired. That night we went out with Joe's friend Tim and saw teh beautiful DC temple,and went to teh meeting place. Let me tell you joe and Tim love the meeting place. We were the only white people getting our grove on to some good kareokee music.

April 5th-8th- Left for NY. Overall our New York part wasn't as much sight seeing because we both have already seen everything so it was a lot more slow pace. We hung out with Courtney adn Josh adn went to the top of the rockefellar building at night which was beautiful! We did a lot of walking around time square. On sunday we saw Hair Spray on braodway which was my first show. I loveed it, we got front row for $25 which was a steal! Monday we went to the antural history measum which is probably as big as New York itself. It's huge and took about 2 hours to walk around and I still don't think we saw everything. Monday night though we went to a Yankees game ( thank you Uncle Ron) and sat behind homeplate. That is alwasy a fun experience, but not fun when Joe gets a ticket for jumping the subway gate because his dumb card didnt work and losing your phone all in about 20 minutes of eachother. Other than tose 2 mishaps New York was alright.

I have decided after much consideration that DC is the better place. It's clean ( doesn't smell like pee like NY), people are nicer, food is better and cheaper. Plus you just can't beat teh cherry blossoms.

*Joe being part of history at the Rockefellar Building
*Natural History Measum in NY, this is my fav!
* Our first shot in DC, of course at PotBelly's

* Lincoln Memorial day 1, soaking wet!
* Joe's amazing photography skills. Beautiful cherry blossoms
* Eating some good dessert at Serendipity with Court & Josh
* Top of the Rock

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shoe Day!

I just love Saturdays. They are the one day that we can finally sit and do whatever we want. The rest of the week Joe and I are in school and then work and then soccer and some more soccer and so on. But not Saturdays, Saturdays there are no plans and we do whatever we may feel like. So this Saturday we decided to take some shoes back and run some errands. Well let me tell you Joe takes forever picking out shoes! I have been shopping with some girls that try on everything in the store but I don't think they would ever take as long as picking out shoes as Joe does. Boys and girls have different takes on shoes. I go into a store see a cute shoe try it on ( it may not be very comfortable) and buy it, if it's something I love. Oh know not boys, they find a shoe try it on walk around for an hour in the store, while at the same time looking for other shoes to try on and compare with. Even if it's the exact same shoe but different colors they got a try them on. Seriously they feel the exact same ones red and ones blue just pick. We were in famous footwear for at least an hour, trying on the same shoe. Then we finally found it, the perfect one, but of course now he has to try on a different size and of course they don't have it. So now we're trucking along over to Taylorsville to get the shoe. And of course when we got there Joe's eyes went wondering and found about 3 other shoes to try on. And after another 45 minutes we finally got the perfect shoe. So in all I'm glad he found a pair that works for him because I'm sure he'll be much more comfortable walking around in DC then I well be ( even though my shoes are much cuter)!