Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kitty Cat

So yesterday I helped out at my niece Jada's birthday party. We painted nails, melted crayons into bigger crayons, played games and face painted. It was a really fun birthday party. The face painter was awesome it was literally the whole face not just a rainbow on the cheek like I remember face painting. Of course there were a couple of jokes about the adults getting their faces painted but nobody did... well nobody did until I said I can't because I am going to a movie afterwards. Immediately Dave, my brother-in-law, said I'll give you 20 bucks to have your face painted like a cat and go to the movies like that. I said ok, then I said no then I said yes again and after about 2 minutes I transformed from Tori to this yup I was a tiger. The whole time
we are laughing but I couldn't really see myself. Then I looked in the mirror and I can't believe I have a tiger face. Joe was out golfing so he had no clue that his wife was really a tiger. When he got to his parents house i surprised him and I've never seen him so shocked before. In fact he wouldn't even give me a kiss he was afraid he would turn into a tiger too. We went to the movies around 4 and I was thinking it wouldn't be that bad because it was a dollar theater and we were seeing 2012 which wasn't that cool anyways. Of course I was wrong and it was the busiest I have ever seen the theater and the movie we were actually in was jam packed. During the movie I forgot I had a tiger face until Joe looked at me and started laughing. I'm just glad I got a tiger because after my face was painted Dave started thinking of a clown face or a pig face which would have been way more embarrassing than a tiger face. A pig face people would just laugh but a tiger face people are intimidated and wouldn't want to mess with me. SO how old is too old for face painting? Some say 8 but I would say 25 so I have a whole year to paint my face before it becomes weird...right?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yup another Cruise

It's true we went on another cruise last week. We were lucky enough to leave cold Utah and head south to cold Florida. We just so happened to pick the week that Florida reached their all time low temperature, so lucky us. Even though some days were overcast and a little to cool for me for cruising time it was still a blast. We went to St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Grand Turk. Each island we did about the same thing, rented a scooter, take pictures, go swimming and Joe even got his sugar cane juice that he has been craving and talking about ever since he left Brazil.

We rang in the new year on the plane and in a taxi.

Joe's favorite spot on the ship was in the spa watching his football games.

In St. Maarten we went to a beach that was in front of the airport. Planes would fly right over us about every 5 minutes which was really cool.

Unfortunately planes take off there as well. When looking at this awesome sign you would think that a plane taking off would blow you away. We got the privilege to see a plane take off and it didn't blow you away at all. All it did was blow sand at you. Not friendly sand either it was hard rough sand being embedded into your skin. That part not as fun but kinda funny now.

In ST. Thomas we rode around on a scooter since the weather wasn't the best. St. Thomas has the nicest people and this lady let us go in her backyard to take pictures of her beautiful view.

Of course we have formal night were we always eat way too much. That sick feeling you get eating too much though was totally worth it.

In Grand Turk this was about it. We rented a scooter and saw the island which had about 2 buildings down town, random sheep, bulls, horses and cows.

And this was the end of the cruise, Joe getting in his last meal. I'm not sure what everything on that plate was but he ate every bite.
Cruises are so so much fun and leave us relaxed, fat and sad to come home but are so worth it every time.