Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Banks Jay

First off do people still blog?  I know I haven't in forever but thought it was only fair to give Banks a birth post like Finn got one.  Since both kids are sleeping I thought know would be the best and only time.

2 weeks in a row Joe had decided to go on little trips.  Normally totally fine with it ( we've been married awhile so I'm not in the needy first year of marriage).  This time however they were right around when baby Banks was due so I wasn't to thrilled.  Trip one to St. George for bachelor party went smoothly with no contractions or water breaking.  He came home for about 2 days then left again on a seminary retreat.  He was closer to home this time but closer to the due date as well.  After my doctors visit and being at a 3 and having, what I thought were heavy contractions, I thought it was time Joe came home early from his trip.  The only problem was Joe was on a boat and decided to be the wake boarding teacher.  I could not get a hole of him for about an hour.  Once he finally called back I told him to head on home because I'm pretty sure I'm having a baby.  2 hours later Joe gets home and we go to the hospital.

Once we checked in and get hoked up my heavy contractions were not so heavy and they told us they were probably going to send us home.  The nurse checked me and said I was a 2, which yes I know earlier I said I was a 3 all nurses must think different.  The nurse that checked me the first time said I was a 3 BUT someone with chubby fingers would say a 2.  I guess my nurse at the hospital had chubby fingers.  Before they unhooked me she wanted to check again only this time my water got in the way and she popped it.  I guess we're staying and having a baby because my water had defiantly broken ( thanks to chubby finger nurse).  She said it would have broken in 2 more contractions but who knows.

The next 9 hours go on and on and very slowly.  Just like with Finn, i move very slowly, I'd say about an centimeter every 1 1/2 or more.  Finally around 2 am I'm ready to go.  Baby Banks was a total of 2 contractions, just like his brother, and came on into this world at 2:30am.  Full head of dark hair, a whopping 6 lbs 4oz and 18 1/2 inches long.  From day one he really has been the perfect child.  Sleeps 10 plus hours at night, naps like a dream and lets his big brother in his face all day long.  Finn has been in love with his brother since day one.  He has never been  mean to him.  He wants to wake him up the second he hears him make a sounds( probably because he knows Banks has to eat and Finn gets to watch a show).  Having 2 kids has been busy and tiring but I love my 2 boys ( 3 Boys) more and more each day.  With Finn we knew he looked 100% like Joe.  Banks on the other hand we have no idea who he looks like.  We just know he's ours because of his webbed toe like big brother and mom.

So there you have it our newest addition to the family and only 3 months late.