Monday, June 18, 2012


When I was pregnant with Findley I remember every one saying how miserable I was going to be being pregnant through the summer.  Findley's pregnancy, as far as I can remember, was a breeze compared to this one.  The summer did not bug me at all.  Being 4-7 months pregnant is way better than being 8-9 months pregnant in the summer.  I feel like I smell all day long because I am sweating.  Even on days that seem to usually be perfect weather I am sweating up a storm.  I can't walk without wanting to stop and take a breather.  I'm pretty sure this kid is fully grown because I can't seem to move or even sit without a limb poking out of my sides.  I'm asking you dear son if you are ready and bored of sitting in a sack all day I would love for you to come out and play with your big brother.  Not now because you'd be super early, but in 2 weeks when you're full term, that would be fantastic.

Here you are baby alien, yawning because you're so bored of being in there and you were only 20 weeks then.  I couldn't imagine how many times you have twiddled your thumbs now at 35 weeks because of boredom.  Lets get together in 2 weeks and play. Love, Mom


Lorie said...

I didn't know you were expecting again! Congrats Tori Beth!!!

Annakaisa said...

I was sweating so bad while pregnant with Henri, that I thought I was going to die. I honestly think that the RS room is the hottest one in our church building.
But you don't honestly even look like you're sweating! I think you look super cute every Sunday. :)