Saturday, May 31, 2008


I know what some of you may be thinking.. it's Saturday? Tori doesn't blog on Saturdays because she only blogs during her busy work days. Well I have news for you I'm at work on a Saturday and it's not my most favorite thing. But I guess I'll take 1 Saturday every 2 months over every Saturday. So it's true I'm at work this isn't an impostor writing on my blog or anything it is in fact me.

Last night we went up Mill Creek and had a little BBQ and campfire. It was such a nice night. Not too cold, even though I was cold that doesn't say much because I'm always cold. But Joe said it was a nice night. Matt brought up his grill and we grilled some chicken, screwers and some hot dogs. I haven't had a grilled hot dog in a long long time and it was real delicious. Summer time is defiantly for campfire and smores. Courtney brought Ghirardelli carmel chocolates for the smores. They were the tastes high class smores I have ever had. You can't go wrong with Ghirardelli carmel chocolates. There was a wedding across the street and we were pretty sure it was a karaoke wedding because we heard some of the worst versions of, "In this Moment", "Save the Last Dance" and " Sweet Caroline" and so many more songs. Songs you don't think you could mess up, yup the were defiantly messed up. Until last night I always thought I was the worst singer, I now know I'm not thanks to our friends at the wedding.

Well it's supposed to be a beautiful day today. So if you're reading this blog on Saturday you should be outside and not inside on the computer. I'm stuck at work so I have an excuse for being on the computer all day. But if you are reading this on Saturday then you should update your blog too so I can have something to read today!

* the manly men

* Just about the cutest dog ever!

* Court, me and Brooke

* Yup, that's it the wonderful carmel smore!


hijodi said...

I have really appreciated you lately. For ONE, you are always so complimentary of me (THANK YOU!) And two, I laugh everytime I ready your blog, it's awesome. You have a great personality and I love it. Glad you had fun up the canyon. I love it up there too!!

Shari said...

Shame on you wearing a Jazz shirt!!! Wow and the team from your home state in the finals!! Traitor!!!! I still love you but I am very disappointed Tori Beth!!! LOL

Shari said...

Got your comment-and I love you!!!!!

Wendi said...

I must say, smores with ghiradelli caramel chocolates sounds rediculously delicious. I best try it... oh wait the diet, wait... what diet? grrrrr.