Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Husband

The other day it snowed and when Joe got home from work he cleared the driveway right away. He was so excited when he came in and said that someone had left a note on the driveway. I was pretty excited about what sweet thing Joe wrote on the driveway. Since having Finn fun little notes have come to a pause so I automatically though it was so cute. SO as I walk outside excitedly to see this...Tori Shmory.

That's all just Tori Shmory, he took the time to write that and then thought it was so funny that I walked outside to see that. Our love has gone from romance to competition to just making fun of each other and I love every moment of it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

While you're at work

For when you get bored just think of Finn laughing. We love you Father Joe

Thursday, January 13, 2011

And this is love

  • Boys, boys, boys... I don't care what age you are you are all the same. Boys always try to throw things down other's shirts. Whether it be a boy or girls shirt or ice or grapes, boys are throwing things. And Finn is no exception. As I give him a kiss this morning and start to pull him away, he decides to spit up. Not a little but a puddle full. Does it dribble down his mouth onto his clothes like usual? Not this time, this time he decides he is close enough to me that he can make it down my shirt. And that is exactly what happened. Vomits over his clothes without getting a drop on him ( very impressive and hard to do) and gets it all down the center of my shirt where my bra can so nicely hold it all at the bottom like a stream. This is how I know how much I love him. Was I mad? Not at all I laughed then called Joe immediately. Since he didn't answer I of course had to text him " call me super important" not thinking he would call if he was really busy. But he did call while he was with a client. So next time something amazing like this happens I can't say it's important just impressive. Yes son I love you that much and think you are going to be amazing and throwing things down other's shirts.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Finn, Eloise and Lucy had a wild New Year's Eve. After some breastmilk and kicking their legs it was off to bed for them around 9:30 and then the real fun started. We went to Wattsie's house and had some fun with the kinect dance central. It is about the most amazing thing I have ever seen. That kinect is unreal how accurate it is catching your every movement. Seriously have you ever played it, if not you should, it well change your life. Ever since that night I have been obsessivley trying to talk Joe into buying one. I purposly don't dry my hands after I wash them to rub my cold, wet hands on Joe to torcher him until I get that kinect ( it hasn't been really working but I'm slowly wearing him down). I love it and I can't stop thinking about it, I may have a problem. I think I love it so much because it is something I can beat Joe at all the time. Besides getting in bed first and dance central there isn't much more I can beat him at, and that is why I need it to save our marriage. He always says fantasy football saved our marriage well know we need xbox 360 kinect to save it again... I love you competitive Joe.