Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows

Today started off not the best. It was cold and I threw up and I had a head ache and it just sucked. So what does Joe do? He brings me the one thing that he knows upsets my stomach but at the same time I love it! He brought me a brownie fudge sundae from leatherbe's. I mean this is the same guy who just a couple days ago said no ice cream and then he brings it. I just love this man. I mean don't get me wrong my stomach did get upset afterwards but it was totally worth it. I feel like with school and work the only time we get to see eachother is an hour before bed and that is infront of the TV. I just love a little stop by work here and there. Some may thing he is trying to butter me up for another long trip with the boys, but I don't because he knows that is not going to happen for a while ;). Marraige is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I suggest every one should do it. Love you Guppy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a couple of thoughts

1. How great is riding on the back of a shopping cart( I tried finding a picture but no dice). You know what i mean putting one foot on the back bar of a shopping cart and pressing of with the other foot. No matter how old you are it always makes your grocery shopping days that much more fun. I walked into Walmart today and first thing I see was ( and I'm not exaggerating) a man probably in his 60's riding a shopping cart. It was the greatest thing I have ever seen. So next time your grocery shopping and your having a bad day, just get on the back of a cart and ride that cart like you've never ridden it before.

2. I have forgotten my planner today. Now that may not seem like a big deal to some but to me it is driving me crazy. I don't have a ton of stuff going on but I just have to have it. For 2 years I have written everything I eat down and the points it's worth ( except on Saturday and Sunday). I mean I can keep track in my head but actually seeing it written down feels so much better and now when I get home I'll just have to write everything down. Everyday I do just about the same thing with an occasional curve ball here and there, but I love checking it off once I complete. I don't know why but without my planner I feel incomplete ( no offense Joe I feel incomplete without you too).

3.We are leaving for DC in 19 days! I am so excited. Everyday I look on Marriott to see if there are any better deals then the one I got and it just gets me more excited. I have to get in the best shape possible. You may ask why? People only get in shape for tropical vacay where your in your swim suit all day, but getting in shape for DC is important. I am pretty sure we'll be eating PotBelly's all week. It's a sandwich place and I'm pretty sure it's not healthy like Subway, plus you get the most amazing dream bars and cookies there I can barley stand it. So am I excited for DC? I'd say so!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Clip ever!

So as I'm sitting here at work, working oh so diligently I have stumbled across so free time. So what better to do with free time then look at blogs. I found my cousin Annie's blog and she had this amazing clip on it, I just had to share it with everyone. Hopefully it gets you excited for The Office, because it got me quite excited!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Night #1

So this is my first pot ever from home. That's right we got the Internet finally! So I would usually be in bed by now because I am weak sauce and can't handle being up past 11pm. Well i can't go to sleep because Joe is gone. Joe has left today and went down to California with his friends for an AVP tournament. Their friend Daniel is going to try to qualify for this tournament, so good luck Dirty! Well that is why I'm up because I hate sleeping alone in our house. I don't know when I became such a wimp but I can not sleep with out Joe. It's like I can hear every little creek and movement in the house. I hate it because my mind just starts thinking about every worse possible situation. I hate that he is going to be gone until Sunday and I hate that he gets to be in California on the beach while I'm stuck in Utah at work and school. I just wish this week was already over so Joe would be back home. I guess I have to just toughen this out and sleep with loud noises so my mind doesn't start wondering.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

DC part 2!

I am so excited this week Joe and I decided to go back to DC in October and thanks to Marriott and free flights it's going to be a good trip. The first time we went it was really rushed and I didn't get to see everything so I'm so so excited to go back. PLUS we may make a rode trip to Philadelphia for a day. I'm counting down the days to DC happiness!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Really Monday?

I can not believe it is Monday today. My weekend was so short since I had to work on Saturday. But I do have to say even though my weekend was one day long we did lot. Saturday after work we decided to do a one night stay at the Mountainside in Park city. I love just getting away even if it is for only one day. With school and work and everything in between it is good to have down time and relax. On Sunday we had a birthday dinner for Brooks and Keith and it's always fun getting together, but the real fun started once Joe and I got home. Don't worry it's still PG rated writing from here on so you can keep reading. Poor predictable Joe, I always know what he is up to. SO last night we were watching United 93 on TV and Joe had a nice cold water bottle. Recently Joe thinks it's really funny to poor water on me, so I thought to myself " self why don't I just dribble some of that cold water on Joe". Well Apparently Joe thought of the same thing before I could get to the water bottle and drenched me with water. Our house became a war zone with water bottles and just completely soaked head to toe. Couches soaked, floor soaked and the best part is it didn't matter at all. All that stuff was going to dry and for once it was OK with me. I hate our couch anyways so it wasn't a big deal, but for some reason I was nice and relaxed last night that I didn't worry about cleaning up. And what do you know I woke up this morning and everything was dry and I was still alive Joe was sleeping and everything was going to be OK. I think a water fight before bed gets rid of all the worries I have that day. Maybe I'll try that again so beware Joe!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Katydid's Getting Married!

So Katy is getting married and I am so excited for her. Katy is one of my friends I met down in Provo my first year of college and she is amazing. Last night her sister Geneve( also very amazing) through her a bridal shower and it was so much fun. Every one from my first year of college was there and I feel like i haven't seen them forever. Now that I live in Salt Lake I don't get to see my friends as often as I'd like so when we get together it's always really good time. I love just getting together and talking and dancing of course. We're really good dancers ( syke!) but once a little hip hop gets going so do we. I love these girls and am so excited for Katy to get married!
Every that was left after opening presents

Best roommates ever- Me, G, Ambs and Mads

Everyone that lived at Raintree my 1st year of college

Family Busniess

Heidi and Keith got married last Saturday and I am so happy for them! It was one busy wedding but it was totally worth it. Here are just some pics of the perfect day. Seriously it was perfect they got married in Lehi were it is way way windy and there wasn't on drop of wind or rain or anything, until Sunday. So good pic on the day Heeed!

Heidi with all the cute nieces and nephews and her girls

Heather totally thought I was touching her, even though I wasn't. Your crazy man, but I love ya

Joe and I just doing a really cool pose

All the boys trying to hold up Keith

Heidi & Keith's first dance