Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Night #1

So this is my first pot ever from home. That's right we got the Internet finally! So I would usually be in bed by now because I am weak sauce and can't handle being up past 11pm. Well i can't go to sleep because Joe is gone. Joe has left today and went down to California with his friends for an AVP tournament. Their friend Daniel is going to try to qualify for this tournament, so good luck Dirty! Well that is why I'm up because I hate sleeping alone in our house. I don't know when I became such a wimp but I can not sleep with out Joe. It's like I can hear every little creek and movement in the house. I hate it because my mind just starts thinking about every worse possible situation. I hate that he is going to be gone until Sunday and I hate that he gets to be in California on the beach while I'm stuck in Utah at work and school. I just wish this week was already over so Joe would be back home. I guess I have to just toughen this out and sleep with loud noises so my mind doesn't start wondering.


Tami said...

I posted about this last week!
Todd was gone and I hate it--I am such a wimp! Try taking a benadryl--it helps!
Tami Allen

The Alvords said...

I can't sleep when Josh is gone either. Do you want to sleep at our house? You are more than welcome to!