Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stupidest Loser

Ok I love the Biggest Loser, but the blue team has got to be the stupidest people. First they vote off Dane, who is the strongest player. Without Dane there is no way they can beat the black team. Then this week they vote off Mandi, the next biggest competitor next to Dane. They are making their team so weak. And stupid Ron who opens his mouth every time should have gone home weeks ago. The blue team is just going to get destroyed by the black team and I don't feel bad for them whatsoever. Instead of Cathy, Kristin and Ron having an alliance they should focus more on making their team strong then just kicking off any chance they have to win. Stupid Stupid People.

Monday, March 9, 2009

2 for 1???

SO this is only funny now looking back but while happened felt not that smart. SO Joe the other week comes home and says hey I have a 2 for $25 to Log Haven ( which is some nice restaurant up the canyon). It was a steak and lobster dinner so I was like sweet lets do it! Now Joe has read the coupon, I have read it we have both called to make sure it was legit and all signs were a go. SO we go up there Friday night and are all excited to spend only $25 for both of us on steak and lobster. Well the deal was on the menu, so I thought that was kinda weird so after we order I go ahead and take a looksie at the coupon again. It says 2 courses for $25 not 2 people for $25. WHAT THE... dang we were already stuck there because we ordered and we can't understand how we missed understood that. Not only us but several people read the coupon and everyone thought the same thing. We even had 2 coupons and invited some friends( good thing they didn't come because I don't think they would be to happy thinking they were only go to spend 25 and now they are spending 50). Moral of the story is doesn't matter how many times you read something, you read what you want to see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is this?

I was online and stumbled across this thing called blo..blog...blogger. I think I used to blog at one point but these days I don't have time to sit and type. You'd think being out of work I got nothing but time, luckily school feels that void of having relaxing down time and leaves me with time to only eat and sleep. Last week I did a pretty good job on getting stuff down for this week so here I am blogging about random thoughts I have had lately.

1. Remember these cool cars you may have had when you were a kid. Well one of my classes at the

U is working in the preschool. Well we went on a field trip to the kids museum and it was pretty cool. Well They had these cars there and I can't believe how small they are. I think the cars have gotten smaller because I don't even think I could fit my foot in it. When I was a kid it was like I had all sorts of room and in fact I'm pretty sure 2 kids could fit in one. Either kids are just tiny tiny these days or the toys are getting smaller because there is no way I could even imagine getting into that when I was 4.

2. We really need a vacation. I would really love to go back to DC. I know we went twice last year, but I love that city. Plus being on the tracks every day reminds me how much I want to be there and listen to the pleasant noise of the metro.

3. I really do have a great husband. The other week our heater went out and I was freezing.

Anybody that knows me I am cold no matter what! Even though the weather hasn't been too cold I would still huddle up by a little space heater and a blanket. Well Joe did fix the heater which was awesome but before it was fixed he left me hot chocolate. I love 7-11 hot chocolate and it was agreat surprise to come home to something warm. Luckily I didn't go to school that day so it wasn't sitting out all day. I left for the gym and when I got back I had some hot chocolate waiting for me. He really is a much better husband than I am wife.

5. I am really really happy it is getting warm outside. Besides the little surprises from Joe, arm weather is probably the best thing that has happened in a long time. I am still sickly white but just the feeling of the sun outside gives me hope!