Monday, March 9, 2009

2 for 1???

SO this is only funny now looking back but while happened felt not that smart. SO Joe the other week comes home and says hey I have a 2 for $25 to Log Haven ( which is some nice restaurant up the canyon). It was a steak and lobster dinner so I was like sweet lets do it! Now Joe has read the coupon, I have read it we have both called to make sure it was legit and all signs were a go. SO we go up there Friday night and are all excited to spend only $25 for both of us on steak and lobster. Well the deal was on the menu, so I thought that was kinda weird so after we order I go ahead and take a looksie at the coupon again. It says 2 courses for $25 not 2 people for $25. WHAT THE... dang we were already stuck there because we ordered and we can't understand how we missed understood that. Not only us but several people read the coupon and everyone thought the same thing. We even had 2 coupons and invited some friends( good thing they didn't come because I don't think they would be to happy thinking they were only go to spend 25 and now they are spending 50). Moral of the story is doesn't matter how many times you read something, you read what you want to see.

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Totally agree...we went to The Melting Pot for Valentine's Dinner and ended up spending 200 hundred of was crazy and we had NO idea...although, we LOVE to eat there, we aren't sure it is worth 200 bucks! :)