Monday, August 25, 2008

We're Really Funny

So this past week I have discovered how funny my sister-in-laws are. The Coccimiglio boys think they are the funniest but I have to give it up to Heidi and Heather for out doing them. Not only are the blood related sisters funnier than the boys but the in laws are as well. Although I do love those boys their comedy is based on the same joke, who can say it the loudest and who can add to the original joke the most amount of times. But us girls we spent Wednesday and Saturday night together and I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. When I was first married I was a little more quiet and just stayed with Joe when it was family events but more and more I break away and can do the girl thing, which I'm glad because I have the most amazing/ hilarious sister-in-laws of all time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Worst Wife Ever

So while at work today I (of course) was looking at blogs and was looking at Bre's(my sister-in-law) and she had a nice blog about Chris's( Joe's twin) birthday. HELLO I haven't even mentioned it and we had a whole weekend of festivities. I was so excited to do my google image tag that I just over looked our great birthday weekend. SO sorry Joe but I do love you and sorry I don't have any pictures to post but not having the internet at home puts a real drag on uploading pictures to the blog.
So here we go, we decided to go down to Vegas for the weekend. Even though Vegas isn't that cool and Joe was sick it was still pretty fun. We of course went on a time share presentation because Joe loves them plus we got the 2 nights for free. We stayed at the Jockey Club and it is old but we were right next to the Bellagio and our room faced the fountain. So every 15 minutes Joe was at our bed room window looking at the fountain show. He loves it even though it was the same thing each time, and I kinda exaggerated he wasn't there during the USA basketball game but other than that he was at the window. The hotel was right in the middle of the strip so it was really nice walking every where, even though it was well over 100 degrees. We decided to treat ourselves, since it was Joe's birthday and the room was free, to a Cirque Du Soleil show called Le Reve. The whole thing is done in the water, it really is amazing what strength these people have. You can see every muscle in their bodies, i didn't even know it was physically possible to do some of the things they did. SO Sunday morning drove home just in time to celebrate the 4 Cocccimiglio birthdays at Frankie and Ande's house. It's always fun getting together and just chit chatting. Anyways that's what our birthday weekend was and sorry for being the worst wife ever but I think I make it up in attendance to soccer games every week ranging from 2-4 times. I love you hunny!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only because I'm at work

SO while sitting at work wondering what I am to do for the next 4 hours Emilie ( the genius she is) told me about a tag. It was so much fun here are the rules:For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search. Then choose your favorite image from the FIRST page of results only(remember first page only don't start looking around). Then copy past and it's amazing what comes up, you might even find yourself on that first page. And here we go:

A place I'd like to Visit

My favorite place

A past pet

My age

My last name:
and how funny is this that Joe came up on the very first after typing in Coccimiglio... and that's a promise you can even look it up on google image

My bad habit: and that's over reacting not screaming

The town I was born in

My favorite color

My favorite animal

My favorite food

My favorite object

My 1st name

My screen name

My best friend's nickname

A past lover

The town I live in

What I'm doing now

My college degree

Grandma's name

My 1st job

My middle name

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mo Money, Mo Problems

... I think that's how the sane goes, Of course I could be completely wrong considering yesterday I said, and I quote" at the drop of a dime" which doesn't make any sense really. Anyways I thought I had to document this guy trying to recruit me on over to Costco today. So I work at the marketing office for Park City Marriott's and at night we have telemarketers who try to sell packages and basically I just confirm calls put in paperwork and take incoming phone calls. So today a guy called saying he received a call last night from this number so I told him what we were about, how you do a time share presentation and get $ 100 at the end and so forth. Well I guess he thought he would inform me that he makes $250 an hour and his wife was a MD and to go up to Park City on his dime and listen to what we have to say for only $100 in return was just not worth it. Which I guess makes sense, and he was very polite the whole time by the way. So then he felt it was his civic duty to let me know that I shouldn't be making less than $15 and if I am I should move on over to Costco. Because Costco you start out at $15 and can make as much as $28 an hour. He always went on to tell me how great the benefits were and the vacations you can take and on and on how great Costco was. He just kept telling me that if I ever wanted to quit or if my husband wanted a new job to give him a call and he could get me into Costco with out a problem. I mean I'm not the kinda a person that really works for money. All the jobs I have had were not very high paying but they got me by and with commission at Marriott it's not to bad. It's funny because I stress about money ( I'm trying to get a little better and Joe says I no longer am in charge of finaces, since I'm sure I took about 10 years of my life stressing about it)and having enough to pay for everything and being comfortable, yet if I could work where I do now with great co workers and it's just real relaxed but not make tons I would take that over high stress high paying job. But anyways it was just funny that this guy talked to me on the phone for at least 20 minutes trying to switch me over to Costco. So if any one is interested in Costco I go the number.... AAAAAHHH YEAH

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why the smell?

So today I think could very well be the stinkiest day ever. Literally it smelled everywhere today. I mean it could have been me but it didn't smell in my house or at work, just while I was outside and on the tracks. Maybe it didn't smell at all and I was just hoping for some vampire skill ( like having an amazing nose to smell anything) since I'm just absolutely loving Breaking Dawn. But seriously people deodorant isn't that expensive. I bought 2 today for like 5 bucks, it's totally worth it. While I was waiting for the train I just smelt the worst BO combined with smoke it almost made me throw up. And then I got on the train and I was surrounded by BO and I may have thrown up in my mouth. Finally I got to work and I thought I was saved, but even just walking to work I could smell each persons BO as they passed me. These weren't bums I was smelling either, they were just regular people. If I smell you should probably just tell me know so you won't have to go through what I went through today, it was horrible. You can probably save at least 1 person a day from throwing up by just applying some deodorant, spread the word it should really be a law.