Thursday, May 8, 2008

White Trash

Now that I'm done with school on Monday's and Wednesday's I find a lot of free time since I don't have work until 4. So I do the normal morning things gym, clean house, shower, lunch and then right around 1 o'clock is when my morning routine stops. I find myself on the couch watching some good ol day time TV ( which by the way is the worst thing ever invented). Since we only have about 4 channels Maury is my pick of the afternoon. How white trash are these shows. P.S. couldn't find any pics of Maury so Ricki Lake was next. Seriously for some reason if I faked sick when I was a kid or was home during the day I would watch Ricki or Jenny Jones or Montell. Why do these shows exist? Day 1 on Maury was paternity test. It was about the 3rd or 4th time the girls have been on the show and about the 6th guy they have tested for their baby's daddy. How said is that. It always ends in the guy not being the father and the girls running of the stage hysterical and the best is the " over the break" clip. Day 2 on Maury was revealing secrets, either your not his daddy or I cheated on you with your sister and other classy discussions. I seriously am white trash and it's like a bad accident you just can't stop looking. Every Monday and Wednesday I hope for something else to be on TV during that time but it's always Maury or of course the 7 different types of judge shows. We now have Judge Alex, Judge Christine, Judge Judy some other judge, by the way how sad is it that I know these. So I admit it, I'm stuck on smut TV and I think it spawned when I was little, faking sick all those times. So if your kids ever say there sick make them go to school or they may end up 15 years later still watching dirty talk shows that may make them dummer by each show they watch.

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