Monday, May 5, 2008

Dates All Over the Place

Friday night Joe and I, Josh and Court and Daniel and Caitlin went to Z Pizzeria. If you haven't' been you should you get a huge personal pizza, with salad and a drink for only 7 dollars I know amazing right! After that we went to Court's and played dirty minds. If you haven't played you should because it's hilarious. I think you have to play with the right people though because some may not think it's funny. a word is described to you using sexual content and you have to guess what it is. Of course the girls won because I think our maturity is just a little higher then the guys. Considering after every clue they giggled like school girls.

Saturday Joe and I had a very nice day with a run in the morning, golf in the afternoon followed by visiting Carly for a little bit. Now that Joe has seen Carly's room he agrees it's just a little bigger than our condo. After wards we went to a Real Salt Lake game vs. LA Galaxy. The game was so much fun ( and not only because David Beckham was there and so happened to take his shirt off at the end). It was one of the most eventful Real games I've been too. Plus it was a beautiful night and great 6th row seats. I never really knew what bend it like Beckham meant until I saw his 2 goal. They were unreal. One hit the side post of the goal just right to go in. Joe is right there with David Beckham I think... Bend it like Beckham more like Chip it like Coccimiglio.

And then the movie came... I don't understand why I can't stay awake during movies. I used to be solid at staying awake. And now when it's as soon as I hit the couch I am out! I am just tired all the time no matte how much sleep I get. The only way I can stay awake through a movie is if I sit straight up and move around every now and then I may stay awake. I'm hoping since I don't have school right now I may have more energy at night time. Well see?

* Girl's smoking the guys, we got DIRTY
* More on the femine side
* At the Real game


The Alvords said...

That's right, we kicked their trash.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous you went to the Real vs. LA game! I wanted to go so bad but never got my lazy butt around to buying tickets. So I'm jealous, jealous!

Brooke said...

Ok, we have to play Dirty Minds asap! I'm sad we missed out. I am not surprised the girls won!

Wendi said...

Good Times Good Times... so glad you kicked the boyz fannies.

Melody an Nathan Pellegrin said...

Just wanted to let you know I changed my blog address to