Thursday, May 29, 2008

California Love

So we just got back from California on Tuesday and it was great. I haven't been home since our wedding so I was very happy to go home. We got to go out and eat with Jack and Chase which is always fun because talking on the phone just isn't as great as seeing them in person. We did the normal Conkling activities: Movies, eating out, some game playing, spa and some more movies. This time something new was thrown into the mix.

On Sunday we went over to Jakob and Emily's house for some dinner. We were just sitting around talking and eating and then Jakob pulls out the Wii and not just an game but the Wii fit. If you have a Wii and don't have the Wii fit i highly recommend getting it. Now I'm not very good at normal Wii games like bowling, or anything having to do with throwing a ball at something. My family can agree on that because we played another game kinda like janga and some how my ball always ended hitting the ground. But back to the Wii fit it's all about your balance and strength, you can do yoga, tight rope walking, skiing, head butt soccer balls, push ups and oh so much more. Not only is it amazing but pretty entertaining to watch. Ximmer was doing the hula hoop game and just swinging his hips back and forth trying to keep the hula hoops up. Yep it was a great day when I was introduced to the Wii fit and I was so happy to be back at home for a little bit.

Joe gets golf clubs, I get Wii and Wii fit right? I think this is how the marriage thing works? If not then this is how it should work.

* Possibly the 2 greatest people ever ( besides me and Joe of course)

* Xim's shaking it hula hoop style on the Wii
* Mom practicing her long jump skills


Brittany & Blake said...

Hey Tori! I also love going back home it is just so fun and now you have me all curious about the Wii. I hope you are doing well and having a great day!

hijodi said...

Tori, thanks for letting me in on your blog! It is darling and full of your spunk and personality, which i love.

Julie and Tyson said...

That's freakin awesome! I am so jealous that you got to go home! Jackie and Chase look great! Tell her hi for me! I need to call Jess cause I haven't talked to her in way too long. We seriously need to hang out soon! Call me when you get a minute! Love ya!