Thursday, May 1, 2008

GiRl TiMe

Yesterday we had a bridal shower for Carly ( sorry I don't have any pictures up I have to blog at work thanks to the no Internet at home). It was so much fun and I just love girl time. We had it up at the hospital and let me tell you Carly's room is just a little bigger than our condo. I love just sitting around and jumping from one conversation to another. I love that everyone gets a long and it's just so comfortable. Court and Brooke and Stacey did a great job on the food with finger sandwiches ( I think that's what there called) fruits and veggies and salad. We also had cute little tea cups and tea because Carly's always wanted a tea party. Courtney made this strawberry dip that is to die for. Seriously if you eat to much I think it does stop your heart beat. It's made with that mallow puff stuff and cream cheese and I could just eat spoonfuls of it! Yes girl time is a great thing to have. It's kinda therapeutic too. When talking to every one I realize that all marriages are quite similar in some aspects; our homes are always dirty, husbands talk about sex way more than you'd think, husbands make it sound like you have sex everyday ( which the wives laugh about) and so much more. OK so Joe and I had this conversation that after I run I feel fatter, not feel look fatter. I feel great but I think after running it loosens up the stomach area and gets all giggly. Joe thought I was crazy so of course I brought it up in conversation at the shower and they agreed! Courtney says the same thing happens to her. I went home to let Joe know I wasn't the only one that thought that and he just said now he can make fun of me and Courtney. I just love girl time.


Brooke said...

I love girl time too! Very well said.I love that we have been having our fun girl talks lately, we need to keep it up!

Julie and Tyson said...

Tori, I have to agree with the whole jiggly thing. And I thought I was the only one who felt that way! Girl time is definitely a must. So when are we going to have more girl times? Anyways, I'm glad the sun's out!!

The Alvords said...

Horray for girl time! That was a fun night. I'm so glad we have all been hanging out more. We always have fun. I swear every time I run my fat is juggled looser so Joe can make fun of us all he wants, but we both know that it happens.