Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Mama

My mom came down this weekend and we had oh so much fun! It was sorta like our Mother's Day for me and Tyler since we couldn't be in California for it. On Saturday we started with yummy yummy citrus grill breakfast and then off to Ethan's soccer game. After the soccer game we got some manicures and pedicures which I got a fabulous bright purple for the summer on my toes and I think leg massages are just about the greatest thing ever. We then saw Baby Mama and you may think it looks dumb but it was so funny! We laughed the whole time with the witty little comments that they make in the movie. After the movie we had a good dinner at Paradise bakery and then we were spent.

On Sunday I made dinner and dessert for my mom over at Tyler's. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. We played Battle of the Sexes once the kids were in bed and Jeff knows to many things about girls for comfort.

I love that my mom came down even if it was only for a weekend. Good news is Joe and I are going to California next weekend for Memorial day, so I get to see my family again! I'm so excited!

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Julie and Tyson said...

Ahhh I am so jealous!! But it is so much more special when we get to see our families since it is less often these days. And I am jealous you are going home this weekend! Well say hi to everyone for me!