Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet Thoughts

Every week Joe takes 3 boys out to give there parents a break. Last night he went to Boondocks and when I used to go with him I would always play deal or no deal. It is so fun! I'm sure betting for tickets is a lot less stressful than 1,000,000 dollars. Well last night Joe took them there while I had to work until 9. I got a random text saying "quick pick a brief case". After that we went to 3 cases and so on. It just made, what was a horrible day, into a good day. I just love random texts throughout the day knowing that someone is thinking of me ( especially Joe).We didn't win 100 but we did win 30 tickets, plus the Jazz won so it turned out to be an alright day.

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Wendi said...

That is hysterical. I love deal or no deal. I have only played it once at Classic Skating with the girls. I am TERRIBLE with didn't win 100 tickets, but did win 12. :D I love that you are bloggin'. Thanks for the comment so I could find ya!!