Monday, March 24, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

I have been meaning to update the blog since last Thursday but I never had time to download are wonderful pictures. So here it is Monday and I'm finally updating. Thursday night Joe and I had a free stay at the Anniversary Inn ( thanks to our time share presentation). Oh how I just love getting away even if it is just for one night. I know we don't have any kids and our lives aren't that hard right now but just staying in a hotel even just down the street makes all the worries of that week go away. At the Anniversary Inn there are themed rooms and our room was the Phantom of the Opera. I guess by having 2 pictures of the Phantom it classifies as the Phantom of the Opera room. It was a lot of fun though our bed was like a little balcony and our TV was in a stage area with red curtains and all. After we checked in we went and ate at PF Chang's ( thanks to mom and dad for the gift certificate). When we got back we realized we had complimentary sparkling cider and cheesecake it was very delicious. Our bathroom was just a little bigger than our condo our the bathtub was ginormous! The next morning we got free breakfast brought to our door which was a nice way to end the mini vacation. I think I have been spoiled since I have been married because I have been on more vacations in my first 8 months of marriage then probably my whole life combined. We leave for DC and New York in 2 weeks... I think 2 weeks on real life and a week off of real life sounds pretty good to me!

Me being very creative and hiding in our red velvet curtains
Showing off our free cider next to our huge tub

I guess this is what makes the room
classify as Phantom of the Opera

Our awesome Phantom faces!


Wendi said...

How fun! Countdown to Washington DC

Jen Coccimiglio said...

we finally went to that amazing time share meeting, thanks for giving us that experience. our salesman was the definition of a sleezy salesman. "what is it going to take to get you to buy tonight" he asked. So of course you are the proud siblings of the latest timeshare owners. I can't wait to "create unforgettable memories with the ones I love".
-dave again