Monday, March 3, 2008

Bringing Back Elections

From Elections

To Marriage

So while walking around campus today I noticed the colorful posters in buildings... that could only mean one thing election time! Usually that would mean nothing to me but it brought back all the memories when Joe ran for president last year. Shortly after we started dating Joe went to Peru for 2 months so I was very excited for him to come back so we could start for reals dating. Little did I know he was being serious about running for President at the U. This isn't just an overnight event but more like a 3 month 24 hour task. Joe not only lived in Salt Lake and I was in Provo but during elections he was on campus from 6am to 11pm. This was a real relationship builder for us. Even though I could never really be with him for an extended period of time the little time we did get to spend together was great. Joe losing the elections was one of the happiest days for me (about 5% of me felt bad too). Sometimes I give Joe a hard time for our dating because he was so busy for the majority of it, but looking back I wouldn't have changed it for anything.

Posting campaign signs on campus: 40+ hours
Handing out red bulls and old cupcake hostess: 12+ hours/5days a week
Patience and Support: 24/7
election in return for marriage: PRICELESS

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Wendi said...

ha ha.. So true on all that!