Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let's talk about this for a minute

Ok so I just heard the news on who got kicked off American Idol. Since I work Wednesday nights I don't get to see the result show, but seriously Amanda Overmyer? Has America been listening to Kristy Lee Cook? Especially her " 8 days a week". I seriously rather listen to nails on a chalk board then her. I have never been that into American Idol but Jeff pointed out why everyone is so into it... because of the lame writters strike. There are no shows on TV so Americna Idol it is and if I have to listen to her voice one more time I may throw up. Seriously people if i have to remind you of the dreadful performance and put it on my blog just to get her off the show I'll do it.


Wendi said...

I don't want to talk about who is on Idol that shouldn't be. We both agree on this and I think I am sick over it. Thankfully, The Office is back next month! Whew!

Wendi said...

I fear that we have another Carmen Rasmussen on Idol!
In case you forgot
I hope she doesn't last as long as Carmen did or we will have to listen to that for another month!!

Nickell and Aaron said...

I think it is because she is really the only country singer on there. Not that she is good, and not that I like country, I dislike her and country very much. But she is getting all the votes of the country fans, and not only is she a crappy singer, but when she sings, she stands with her legs apart kind of squating! It looks like she is riding a horse! So lame! She needs to go too, but Amanda Overmyer wasn't great either!

Julie and Tyson said...

Okay Tori, so I'm not sure if you read our blog but our latest post is about Tyson's admirer. She is hilarious and she totally reminds me of you! She just makes the funniest comments and I find myself thinking "I bet Tori was kind of like that when she was little." I know I knew you at that age (7) but I don't remember.... For example, the other day she liked the top that I was wearing so much that she excitedly exclaimed "Mrs. Tidwell that top is sooooo cute! I just want to lick it!" Yeah definitely thought of you.... :) Love ya!