Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Random Random

Not too much went on last week besides a whole bunch of school and work, my life just keeps on getting more exciting I know. This weekend was pretty fun, I just love Friday nights. Friday is mine and Joe's date night. We went up to Park City for some time share presentation. The guy got pretty frustrated with us so basically sat us in a corner until our 90 minutes was up so we could get our gift. We did get a lot including a 7 night cruise ( we just pay for taxes), 3 day 2 night stay somewhere and $500 toward airfare. So I thinking sitting in a corner was well worth it plus we won the raffle! I have never won a raffle, Joe was the good luck charm because he said he always wins raffles. We got $50 to the Park City outlets. So after a fun time share presentation we went to dinner at Baja Cantina and then went shopping. It was a great night!
On Saturday we got a new DVD player. And celebrating the new DVD payer we watched American Gangster. Now some may be shocked because Joe doesn't watch rated R movies but thanks to this DVD player you can make a rated R movie PG-13! It is pretty cool you can put a filter on for just about anything from violence to mushiness( I'm not sure what that means but if you don't want it cut it out). So without all the profanity and nudity American Gangster was a pretty good show. It's so funny that the movie industries has to put all that crap in because we saw the same movie as everyone else just more appropiate.
Let me tell you something about little kids. They just make my day by their new expressions and words they learn. I just love all my nieces and nephews. The other day Tyler has a picture of Joe on her phone and Cambria insisted on calling Joe. Well since I was at work Cambria didn't get to talk to Joe but then she asked Tyler if she could just sleep with her phone so she can look at precious is that ( I think Cambria has pretty good taste). Jeff brought the kids into work on Friday since Tyler had back surgery so Ethan was sippin back on some Mtn. Dew and candy and Ethan said, " I'm getting so silly".
I just love those kids! I wish I wrote down some more things they were saying because they said so many funny things.
P.S. It's spring break next week and even though I'm working I don't have to go to school for a week and that is the best break ever!


The Alvords said...

K, what the heck? What time share presentation did you have to sit through? We want to do it! I miss you. Let's play girl stuff when I come back.

Jackie said...

Tori! Hi! That DVD players sounds pretty cool, I never knew there were things like that! You look amazing in that picture too!!