Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give Big

I just have to write something about the show " Big Give". I just love it! If you haven't watched it yet you must watch it on Sunday's at some time on ABC. It is so amazing what complete strangers do for each other. I know if Oprah handed me large amounts of money everyday and then told me to go give it away I would have a hard time. But watching this show seriously has changed my prospective on things. I just love how when the givers just always want to help children first. Every mission at least 1 person always goes directly to some child organization. There are so many kids out there who need help, it literally break my heart so see kids with no Christmas, or no home to go to. For reals though every one should watch the BIG GIVE it is amazing!


Wendi said...

I love this show. Last week was pretty incredible. It would have been so hard to give 100,000 in 24 hours with the requirements given. I love the guy with the curly hair that spent it all. He has been my favorite for a long time. PS If you want to laugh your guts out, watch the newlywed show after the big give. The black couple (specifically the husband) is the funniest person ever. My mom and I watched both last Sunday while playing rumikub.

The Lott Family said...

I love the show too!! Oprah is amazing!