Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm not trying to be dramatic but I rather shoot myself in the foot than see that movie

Why do people listen to "professional" movie critics. It's all based on their opinion and maybe you don't like the same type of movie Mr. Ebert likes. I'd never not see a movie because a critic says so because it doesn't really matter. In fact after last weekends mishap I'll probably never see a movie that a critic gives an A or B. Last weekend Joe and I saw a movie a night starting on Christmas.
First movie 7 Pounds. It was so good! Some people say it was a little slow but I absolutely loved it. There is suspense, love, sadness, excitement, everything is in this movie. The critics didn't so much love it and gave it an overall C. I would have given it an A.
Second Movie, Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I can not believe people gave that movie an A-. That was 3 hours of my life I will never get back. If you think 7 Pounds is slow then this movie will seem like an eternity. The acting was great but it's a story with out anything to it. NO excitement whatsoever, no climax, nothing. He never gets in trouble, no one ever makes fun of him. I almost wanted him to go to school when he was a kid so he would at least get made fun of to throw something in there. A lot of people liked it but I'm pretty sure if you liked it it's probably because you feel asleep when it started and woke up when it ended, you at least got a 3 hour nap out of it. I am happy I just saw it in Utah where movie tickets are only $5 instead of $11.
Third movie Ghost Town. We saw it at the dollar theater but even if it was in a normal theater I would still rather see that movie 2 times in a row over seeing Benjamin Button. If you haven't seen it, you defiantly should.


The Yorkies said...

hahahah ha ha.. I totally agree. I wanted to see that Button movie, but I don't think i will now. thanks for your honest view on the flick :) i trust your judgement over Mr. Ebert.

hijodi said...

We saw 7 pounds, and i thought the same. i love will smith, and his acting (or hers) did not disappoint. it pulled many heart strings and made you contemplate life, which i love. i had heard too that it was a slow-developing plot. everything came together great. emotional indeed, but overall a great flick. we both liked it. we saw the trailer to that button movie, it looked stupid. glad we didn't see that! you going to see Valkrye (or whatever)??