Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We went from this on Christmas day to...

This on New Years in Palm Desert!

Joe and I went on a last minute vacation to Palm Desert with my sister and her family. Tyler called us Tuesday night to go and we left a few hours later. We had to get our last minute vacay in while we still can with Marriott. We got to Palm Desert with Beautiful weather at an average of 70 degrees a day. That is how Christmas should be sunny and clear skies, not snow stormy so you can't see the car in front of you. Joe got a couple rounds of golf in while I got some sun rays. On New Year's eve we played games with Tyler and Jeff like it was no body's business. While everyone else at the hotel was in their best dressy/slutty attire we were hanging out in our jeans and pajamas. While everyone was drinking the finest champagne and eating expensive meals. Jeff got us a plethora of treats that covered all our taste buds. We had some Fritos, milk duds, diet cokes, butterfingers and many more treats But we did start the new year right with a bottle of sparkling cider, well we opened it a little earlier than midnight but it lasted until midnight so that still counts. It was a great vacation of relaxing and basically free so I'd say it was a good way to start the year. (Tori failed to mention that if you look close enough you can see my ball way over there on the green ;))

Joe and I were supposed to leave Sunday morning but we decided to leave Saturday night after a serious round of dominos. We drove through the night but while Joe slept( only to Vegas) I got a lot of thinking done.

Things I learned on a road trip:

1.Windmills are the most amazing things to look at when you can just see their silloute

2. I'm really good at the ABC game, but playing by yourself isn't as satisfying as playing against someone. I would have won even if Joe was awake

3. "Cry me a River" by JT is such a great song and is so about Brittany, which got me to think that maybe if they were still together then maybe she would have never gone crazy, which then lead to it's JT's fault she is crazy

4. People at 2 in the morning think they can drive in the pass lane just because not very many people are on the road... WRONG you should still drive in the slow lane because it sucks breaking while on cruise control.

5. It was a lot better driving into Palm Desert watching the temp go from 15 degrees to 30 to 50 to 70 rather than driving into Salt Lake with the temp going 70 to 30 to 11 to -5

6.Baker is still the worst place ever invented even at 2 in the A.M.

7. When I think no one can hear me I am pretty much the best singer ever! I pretty sure I was hitting all the right notes but Joe may say otherwise

I thought of a lot more things but writing and driving just isn't the easiest thing to do. Hope you had a good New Year!


The Alvords said...

I wonder about JT and Brittany. Hmmm.... we will never know. It sounds like you guys had an awesome trip. I love CA this time of year. Nothing beats 70 degree weather.

Chris & Breanne Coccimiglio said...

I am glad you guys had fun! Maybe if you told us 10 mins. instead of 5 mins. befor you left we would of come. I was down Chris was just worried about work. :) Looks like a blast. I'm so sick of this cold...

An Everts Tale said...

You are so funny. It looks so pretty there. I have never been! ps... I'm going private. Should I put the email I have for you, down so you can still see our blog if you like?

Julie and Tyson said...

Ummm why didn't you invite me?? jk. You make me laugh Tori Beth. I just love you!