Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keep on rollin'

So recently I haven't been the best at posting but it's only because we don't have Internet at our house. Well it only took us a year to get cable with some tivo I think Internet is our next thing. Maybe in another year. That's how we do things in the Coccimiglio household, 1 year at a time.
Last Friday the Coccimiglio girl's has a night out and it was so much fun. I have decided I have the funniest sister-in-laws ever and it was hours of non stop laughing. We went to dinner and then got some ice cream and then stayed downtown at a hotel. Who knew how conversations can start in one place and ended in a completely different one. Sorry girls for the 5 o'clock scream due to a charlie horse. It was pretty funny though that Bre thought I was just having a bad dream and tried waking me up even though I was already awake and squeezing my leg for the life of me.
Totally change of topic but I have been thinking a lot about this, this week. So recently I have been trying to eat a lot healthier and exercise more thanks to the reality check from the St. George trip. The only problem is I still have one thing on my mind and it's all Joe's fault. Milk chocolate chocolate chips! They really are the best thing ever and I know I have a problem. I always bought the semi sweet and then I had Joe pick some up one day and he brought home the milk chocolate ones. I literally ate a whole bag one day. You'd think they would be a good treat because you just get a little hand full and thats it...WRONG once they hit the lips they're so good I can't stop. I even asked Joe I think on Monday just to buy me a bag and then he could hide them and that way I could only have 1 hand full a night. He wouldn't budge. I guess that's a good thing though because I think I could gain some unwanted weight thanks to chocolate chips.


Chris & Breanne said...

You are so funny! You have been having this craving for a long time. You have done really good though. If it was me I would have snuck to the store and got some.:)Girls night was really fun! We should try and go to dinner every other month or something. :)

Wendi said...

Oh how funny! That night was super fun. I can't wait to get together again. umm-I wish my craving was a chocolate chips. Heidi loves chocolate donuts and for some reason I decided I best get a white cake donut with chocolate frosting. It's beena problem. GRRRR.

Julie and Tyson said...

I love the milk chocolate ones as well but I definitely do not have any will power when it comes to chocolate (just ask Tyson). But anyways, no worries for you girlfriend cause you are way thin!